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Bike vigilante's YouTube taunts *Daily Telegraph*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by siwanut, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. By David Coombs

    February 27, 2008 12:00am

    HE calls himself Vigilantee123 and has been taunting police with videos of his reckless riding on Sydney¿s streets for months.

    Officers are on the lookout for a motorcyclist who has been travelling at high speed and then posting videos of his dangerous behaviour on YouTube.

    The anonymous rider has been filmed travelling at speeds up to 164km/h on an off-ramp of the Warringah Freeway and 114km/h through a school zone in Neutral Bay.

  2. Noticed he still had time to indicate! :LOL:
  3. Someone's been watching too much ghost rider :roll:
  4. pretty much every single motorbike vid on youtube its of someone doing something illeagal.

    this is nothing more than another attempt to justify cracking down on bikes
  5. Couldn't be too hard to track him down if they really wanted. He says exactly what bike and model he's riding, and he gives his age, and they know the rough location he lives in. Could narrow it down quickly to less than 5 candidates on that info alone is my guess.

    Mind you, there's nothing to say that the speedo is accurate. Determining the exact speed would need to be achieved by point to point measurements, and even then that's assuming that the video hasn't been sped up.

    For example, you can (easily) modify your speedo to read 50% higher. Then record yourself with a 30fps camera. Recode that to 10fps by dropping every 2nd and 3rd frame, and then speed it up to 15fps. Use a sound filter to drop the pitch of the audio (e.g. like what Quicktime 7 does when you press fast-forward - the sound speeds up but the pitch doesn't change). Voila! You now look like you're travelling 50% faster in your video and there's no visual or audio cues to suggest otherwise.

    Of course, I doubt that this guy went to that sort of trouble, but it is easy enough to do if you wanted to make something look like you're going fast.

    114kph through a school zone though? String him up by the balls.
  6. 114kph through a school zone though? String him up by the balls.

    + 1
  7. Agreed this is real stupid.

    Has anyone ever heard of a kid being hit by a speeding motorcycle?
  8. Yes. My wife's old boss hit and killed a 4yo girl while riding his Ducati 916 at speed through Melbourne streets. Girl was walking around to hop into her parent's car. Happened in a blink.

    He now has children himself and is a changed and haunted individual as a result. It has ruined his life. Not that he's asking for sympathy, but something to consider lest you think it won't happen to you.
  9. bring a wrench, spanner, degreaser and some lube.

  10. Yes
    guy at my work, while riding home was doing 60 kph in 60 zone when a kid ran out from between 2 parked cars into his path.

    Child died, rider ended up in hospital for ages & hasn't ridden a road bike since.

    Also, 1 or 2 years ago in adelaide, a grown woman crossing a major 4 lane rd in the dark (road has no lights and is a 80kph zone) was hit by a woman rider doing 80kph. Pedestrian died instantly, rider was flown from the bike into oncoming traffic, and died when she tried to get up and was hit by a car.
  11. Yes actually.
    There was also a report of a kid being killed by a slow moving motorcycle a few years back near Albert Park but it was not at a school zones.
    School zones are sacrosanct and the speed limits that apply there DURING the specified times should be in place.
  12. ahahahaha...THAT'S taunting the police!!???

    He won't be hard to catch - He can't ride worth a crap if that little video is anything to go by!! :LOL: :LOL:

    Just a wannabe tosser, of little consequence in the grander scheme, making it harder for the rest of us...and who should have his arse kicked for ripping through an active school zone at anything higher than the limit. That's unaccdeptable behavior.

    Speaking of that...I have two active school zones that I go through...everytime...I am being passed quickly by cars who seem oblivious, yet the focus will always be the "idiot on the motorcycle", like all these car drivers are bloody invisible!!
    (ok...mini-rant over) :grin:
  13. omg! anarchy!
  14. Haven't seen the vids... was it an active school zone? I mean that's a stupid speed anyway in an area that would be 60 when it's not 40, but it's a completely different meaning if it's at the before-and-after-school times when the school zone is active vs just going through a school zone some other time.

    But yeah, it'd be fun to see some quick vids that, even if they break the law, have due respect for safety and other people... this is just a 'look at moi' tool.
  15. I agree that that's really, really irresponsible behaviour.

    Can't say I like the "clever" headline, though.

    I know they're clawing for a 'witty' headline to write, and I love a bad pun as much as the next person, but I draw the line at misleading and incorrect. He's not a "bike vigilante". Not in any sense of the word (Hell, on youtube he's "vigilantee123" with a double 'e').

    Tar and feather him.
  16. (sic)

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. The media runs the country
    Not governments, banks etc

    They say interest rates will go up before the rba puts them up, they say ban all guns after Port Arthur before Howard did

    now they will say ban motorbikes, and the RTA might agree

    200,000 responsible gun owners vs. 1 nut (govt rules in favor of nut)
    270000 responsible riders vs. 1 nut (who’s the govt going to rule in favor of???)
  18. OMG! He can actually ride it fast in a straight line! :roll: :roll:

    But we can't stop people being idiots can we. ](*,)
  19. these brainless riding are causing us people the blame of the government implementing more rules and regultions...

    next is gonna be.. GPS speed collector on motorbikes.. once u go over speed limit it sents to the 5-0 and u get automated fines ..
  20. we know what needs to be done
    to save our pride and joys from the Man

    we need two drivers, two cameras and two cars capable of stupid speeds through urban streets

    for every one dick that represents us in the media, we have to make sure there's two more cagers sharing the blame