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Bike vandalism - has it happend to you??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hazard121, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. About a month ago i got my bike learners, and in a month and 6 days im getting my ps (thats when the next course is on) and i'll most likley be buying a bike in jan next year when i move down south for uni..

    Now, im genearlly a pretty cautious person for my age and ive just had a thought...bikes have no doors or anything to protect the engine,seat,handlebars,guages from vandalism so were generally relying on the kind nature of others right??

    anyway, im just wondering if anyone has had any troubles with people damaging there pride and joy??

  2. Obviously it happens from time to time and has happened to me in the UK. Over in Oz it doesn't appear to be that frequent with most people happy to leave their pride-and-joy parked on a pavement all day.

    You might also get kids who want to just sit on it (little buggers).
  3. I've been lucky so far, touch wood. :D

    But a friend had his 916SPS lined up with 3 other Ducatis 9*6s in Hobart, Tasmania in a prominent place and a party goer (allegedly) went to sit on it. Unfortunately, the youngster didn't know about the sui-side stand situation and the four bikes went down; Domino style.
    He was caught in the act and immediately received free vigorous massage. :roll:
    Subjudice as far as I am aware.
  4. hazard you're more likely to have someone run a key down the side of a Porsche than have your bike vandalised. And, funnily enough, despite it being a tempting prospect, most people with convertibles seem to have little problem with people putting stuff in their cars, either, although a lot would depend on where you parked, the time of day/night, your usual crowd, etc.
    Most of the Unis have patrolled car parks, I know Wollongong uni does.
  5. Yep, if you classify your old man chaining up your back tyre as vandalism. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

    :D :D
  6. Well where i'd be living is about a 10 min train ride to uni so id only be taking the bike out say to kickboxing training, the gym, weekend (and week day i guess) rides or round to peoples houses so not really parkin in the same spot for longer than 2-3 hours i guess...

    main thing i thought would be an issue is some little shits either pushing the bike over, or slicing up the seat with a knife
  7. I have heard of someone having their bike pushed over (or accidently knocked over) when they left it out on the footpath (in Melbourne). Personally the worst I've had is some dickhead standing outside my office leaning against the bike whilst making a phone call..

    A quick discussion of the relative merits of me inserting his phone somewhere he wouldn't like ensued which ended his use of my bike as a leaning post..

    Other than that - never had a problem..

  8. Twice (that I know of) have I had bikes of mine tampered with. First incident was with my first bike (a GN250) about a month after I started riding. I had to park it on the footpath in front of the house cos there was no room in the driveway at the time (parent's cars had precedence :evil: ). Parked out the front of the house at about 2am one Monday morning and was woken at about 630am to the news that my pride and joy had been knocked over and dragged up the footpath to the front of my neighbour's place. They'd also jumped on the tank and left dents...I could see the shoeprints :evil: :evil:

    Second incident was about four years ago when I had my CBR600 parked on the footpath out the back of Camberwell Maccas where I worked at the time. The other managers who were on at the time were too scared to tell me what happened, so they showed me the CCTV footage. A couple of schoolboys having a look at my bike. One lifted it up off the stand and couldn't hold the weight so it fell over on the other side. The idiots then ran through the store past three more cameras. One of my regrets in life is that I never made them pay up for the damage...

    :D :D :D
  9. If someone is tampering with a bike outside a Kickboxing Dojo, they may have suicide on their mind.... :wink:
  10. I had my bike pushed over by a very angry young man... (and I think he was drunk) cought him on vidio as well... made him pay for all the repairs :D that the bike needed...

  11. I was just going to say that someone here had had that happen to them.
    I wasn't sure who it was.
  12. Had someone roll the Spada down the street around the corner for a joke.

    And some fcukwit snap off the right mirror while parked.

    My neighbour caught a kid in the middle of trying to either pinch parts/steal it. Kid did a runner.

    That was in Newtown.

    Since then it's been garaged at night in my current residences.

    Had a mate who had some parts stolen from his bike (clutch lever). What makes it worse is you know it's another rider, not some crim.
  13. I've never had a problem. There's still some perception that all motorcyclists are enourmous 1%er gang members who will rip you in half if you even breath near the bike. I'm not that big and I'm generally a nice bloke but I know i'd kill anyone I cought vandalising the bike so I guess the steriotype has some merit. Hey, at least it keeps the bikes safe.

    The danger time is the wee hours of the morning with pisses dickheads walking the streets. Try to keep it out of view if this is likely.
  14. Yeah typically there isn't a problem - only things I've heard of have mostly been done by drunks wandering around, though they're probably just as likely to do something to a car etc.

    Friends flicking the kill switch and laughing as I've kicked and sworn (and overlooked the stupendously obvious) because the bastard bike wouldn't start are the worst I've suffered.
  15. Worst I've had is someone kick the front disc which in turn snapped the speedo cable.

    Second worst is some prick through chewing gum in between the cylinders

    .....I was wondering where that fresh minty smell was coming from......
  16. i suspect that drunk f^&ks were responsible for the lit cigarette that burnt the seat of my bike whilst parked on king street (newtown) one night. i now park it off street anytime after dark.
  17. I had the tank on my old GPZ 750 punctured with a srcewdriver while it was parked at my old work.

    I still reckon it was my cheating ex who just happened to be in the area at the time. :evil:
  18. scumbag had his vesper stolen and they left him a ducati :LOL:
  19. Bastards. Why do people always try to dump their hard rubbish on other peoples nature strips? :LOL: