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Bike used by someone on weekend.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Steamfrog, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Hi I dropped my new bike off for it's first service at the place I bought it from, making a note of the Km's on the clock before handing over the keys to the workshop guys.

    Yesterday I receive and penalty notice from lane cove tunnel about MY bike being ridden at 12:22am through the tunnel with no e tag in a westerly direction.

    1. I have never been to lane cove tunnel as I live on the other side of town.
    2. WTF was someone doing on my new bike at 12.22am on a Friday night?
    3. no extra Km's on the clock makes me thing they disconnected somehting.

    Surely this is not right! I'm pissed off.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed or similar experience's.

    I am requesting picture from the tunnel operator as I know 100% it was not me riding the thing.

  2. I'm going to assume for the sake of sanity that the date of the infringement was the same as the date of service?

    So there are three options.
    1) They disconnected the odo and went riding and hit you up for a fine (unlikely)
    2) They stole your plate (just as unlikely)
    3) It wasn't your bike and they have it wrong.
  3. Thanks for the reply... strange thing is I have never been through that tunnel. I live in the Eastern suburbs and have no need to use it and for sure not at 12:22am on a friday night I really do hop they got it wrong or I am gonna get really nasty.
  4. That really suck, and you have every right to get nasty. Do you mind naming the bike shop if it was in fact them?
  5. So the 12.22am in question was whilst the bike was in their possession?

    Yep, get the photo, and then write to the workshop, demand payment for toll and a written explanation and apology.

    It's not hard to disconnect speedos
  6. Remember to do this first so you don't end up with egg on your face.
  7. Yes 100% the bike was in their possession at the time I have the workshop receipt.

    Request has been put into hillsm2 for the image that they say they have and I will make a copy of the workshop receipt to prove I was not in possession of bike at that time.

    If in fact it was the bike I will Name and Shame for sure. I wonder how many other owners this has happened to with out their knowledge
  8. and if they don't' take satisfactory action against whomever was riding your bike, then name and shame.
  9. Whatever you do...DON'T pay that toll if you're certain it wasn't you.

    Have a look at the pic they send. Sometimes the toll owners can't get an exact match on the plate & go for the person with the closest match. More often than not the person who receives the fine just goes "Oh well" & pays up. Same for speeding fines but that is another thread!

    If the pic is unclear & you can't make out the ENTIRE plate clearly, then tell the toll owners to get F'd & take 'em to court...they won't win.

    If it is clearly your bike, then take the pic & toll notice to the workshop for a "WTF???" Don't get angry. Just say that one of your guys was pinged taking my bike for a 'test ride' post service & accidently got a toll notice. If they say no way then name/shame...etc!
  10. Most likely the toll company got it wrong, you're not the first person for it to happen to and you certainly won't be the last.
    But if it's the less likely scenario where someone borrowed your bike or your plate, those cheeky bastards!
  11. At fkn 12.22am in the morning?? dont get angry..fuk that...name then regardless..who gives a rats arse if they own up etc..and be nice...
    if it is all correct, that blsht, bike stores or mechanics are there and you bestow an element of trust with them when you drop yr bike off.
  12. The owner of the business may not know about it. Might have been one of the apprentices or similar. In which case I'd expect a sacking as it is theft.
  13. I've had my old 675 serviced and reset my counters. seen 30 km on it and the top speed recall very high. It didn't really bother me since the bike is made to be ridden hard and it was already blacklisted by the cops so i wasn't worried.
  14. The toll companies do get it wrong a lot. I would wait on the photo or you could end up with more than egg on your face.
    If it was your bike then nail them. That's a big no no.
  15. I had a fine sent to me when I had my VTR250 for using Eastlink which I never use on the bike as it gets charged unlike Citylink which is free for bikes.
    Got the photo sent out & could clearly see the numberplate surround & rear indicators were different on the photo. The rego in the photo was GQ _ _ _ & my bike was GO _ _ _. rang them up & explained & it was withdrawn straight away. Most of the photos are very average quality in the tunnels.

  16. I would say that there is a 99.9999875% chance that this is the answer. They got the rego wrong from the photo.

    Listen to Al. Don't get angry or even concerned about it until you have the photo and are sure that it is your bike. But with a 0.0000125% chance, that isn't going to happen.
  17. Ive had an infringement notice sent to me, but my statement showed the trip had actually been recorded on my Epass!! Now how more ****ed up can you get??
  18. Yeah will not fire off until I have 100% proof. I am really not that mad, it's more a trust betrayal and the principle more than anything, jeez I mean the notice is only $12.80 no biggy. Wait and see will update if I EVER hear back from Hillsm2.com.au.
  19. A friend of mine here in the ACT got pinged for going through a red light. Only problem was that the bike was in the shop for repairs on that day. He requested a photo and it didn't look a think like his bike or him. Took it down to rego and they said that when the plate isn't clear they just have a punt. They cancelled the fine but imagine how many people just pay these without checking.
  20. That's exactly what I was going to do then went.. wait... what? Lane Cove WTF? I will bet that it's the wrong number.