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Bike Upgrade!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by entheos, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    New to the forum, so Hi, how you going!!!

    I've been riding an 88 GPX250 Grey Import up till yesterday. I made the decision to buy a K2 Suzuki GSX-R600 and I couldn't be happier. I went in to spend no more than $7k on it and got it for the price I wanted and with the rear seat that was 'apparently not included'. Anyways, obviously a totally different bike to what I was used to so will take a little TLC to get used to the limits of the bike, but I noticed when i was looking at the bike initially that the left edge of both of the tyres looked like they'd been churned up...previous owner really was into the bike and really knew how to ride it apparently...and little did we realise till after we'd agreed on the price that the bike also had a powercommander on it. So after all that, I ended up with a K2 gixxer 600 with almost brand new Pilot Power tyres and a power commander fitted and tuned for the Yoshi zorst. :) Went for a ride up wisemans this arvo and was very impressed with massive accelleration, and general handling of the bike. clearly I wasn't getting down as far as the previous owner, as a) I didn't know the roads, and b) I'm not used to the bike, but it's amazing. Only one minor incident where I came in too hot in the corner, or so I though, and of course looked where I didn't want to go and ended up riding straight off the side of the road...managed to feather my own 'abs' using front and rear over dirt, sand and rocks...and managed to avoid trees and everything....very lucky I think. Anyways, I just thought I'd say Hi and meet you all.

    Mike. :)

  2. you better have pics at the ready.. otherwise Ktulu the picture monster will come rip you up :p
  3. there a great bike man.got one myself..
  4. welcome.
    there is no such thing, as too hot in to a corner, if you have time to stand it up and run off.
    i dont reckon you'll be finding its limits any time soon. it seems it has already found yours though ;)

    welcome to the forum, show us some pics of your new toy, and make yourself at home :)
  5. What K2 Suzuki GSX-R600? I don't see a K2 Suzuki GSX-R600.

    Does the K2 Suzuki GSX-R600 have some sort of special paint that renders it invisible?

    Is the K2 Suzuki GSX-R600 a ghost-vampire bike that doesn't show up in photos or mirrors?

    Can it's owner operate a 600cc sports motorcycle but not a simple digital camera?

    Pics, man. PICS!
  6. Its now camouflaged with leaves and dirt and branches and sh!t on it so I don't think you'll be seeing it K2loo. (I had a bike the same :) )
    Bugger, this is my 3000 post and I was hoping for something better...... :LOL:

    OP, welcome anyway :wink:

  7. Welcome Mike - and you were warned...
  8. :LOL: :LOL: Klutu ,, always true to form

    Welcome Aboard Mike
  9. U did have me to follow aswell, so shouldnt be any excuses :p

    But untill he posts pics u'll hav to take my word its a hot lookin thing with some nice mods.........got some wierd grass stains on it now though :p
  10. You went out on a ride, not knowing the road too well, on a bike you did'nt really know at all, and ended up running wide off the road?

    I'm glad you managed to keep it upright, and I can imagine how great it is to have a new sportsbike... :) :)

    But you need to slow it down a bit until you get the bike underneath you properly.... :wink:

  11. Working on pics guys....just gotta find my camera...

  12. Here they are...I hope. :)






  13. Wow, shiny bike!

    Thanks for posting photos. Now, your thread is no longer full of gay and fail.
  14. very sexy, im a big fan of suzuki i've had 4 (cars =p) i'll be getting a suzi for my next bike for sure
  15. fcuk me sideways...... those pics are huge. :shock:
  16. Yes, but at least they are there.

    Baby steps...
  17. lol ktulu thats hilarious

    also nice bike!
  18. Awesome bike mate, love gixsers, had one once but due to a stupid car only had it for 2 weeks but loved it. Seems like you dont have to do any work to it and got it at a good price. Congrats dude!
  19. Hey, were you on Putty Road on Saturday?