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Bike TV shows or series, any one know any?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GreenNinja, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Bike TV shows or series, any one know any? cause i can't seem to find.

  2. "CHiPs" with Poncharello and that other dude who's name I forget :?
    "Renegade" with Lorenzo La Mars or some such sh*te.

    2 very VERY :? sad and old examples of shows based around bikes,my god come to think of it those shows weren't even worth the electricity or kinetic energy used to type the post :LOL:
  3. LoL okay....

    Doesn't seem to be many around, since there isn't many around i might just go and check out these two (and see how crap they are). :p
  4. How about Two Wheel Torque on Channal 31?
  5. What about American Chopper.
  6. How about Motormouse and Auto Cat :grin:

  7. Biker Mice from Mars?
  8. Solo one? Very short lived spinoff from Matlock Police. Not totally awful. Bit kiddy. Hogan on a Honda
  9. Have you also watched "The Long Way Round" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_Way_Round

    Also, the show called MotoGP which is shown every 1-3 weeks during it's season usually is very watchable ;) As well as the superbikes etc
  10. Biker Build off! :cool:

    Movie --> The Mouse & the Motorcycle ! :LOL: LOVE IT!

    Um there is also another but i can think of the name right now its on foxtel a british guy hosts it he does all things bike related!!
  11. Another TV series from way back .. "Then Came Bronson"


    And there was me with my hacked down Jawa 250 paddock-basher I'd had for a year or two, sittin' and watchin' this show at the ripe old age of 13 or so, wide-eyed and dreamin' of travellin' around just like Bronson ... one day! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    One day ..... one day ......................................................... :roll:
  12. biker mice from mars!!! what more could you want!!!
  13. John and Poncherello were the 2 cops in CHiPs. There was also Street Hawk, a super powered bike with rockets and all the works. You also had the girl from Battle of the Planets, Susan/Princess. She rode a gixxer scooter hybrid looking thing. This was around 1978. She is in the bottom right of the pic.

  14. I had a thing for Ponch in CHiPs, hubba hubba. Although he's probably more paunch than ponch now :LOL:

    Sorry, that was really bad
  15. #15 Bluesuede, Apr 27, 2007
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    Yeah I think he is officially known as "the other guy" lol I believe he was originally meant to be the star of the show (saw Erik Estrada talking about it on that stupid "where are they now" show or whatever its called) and he was pissed off that Ponch became the star and nobody even knew who he was :LOL:

    And I've managed to waste enough energy to find and post a link for the opening credits and theme :LOL:


    EDIT oh and check out the promo for it - what a crack up!

  16. How could you forget....

  17. Ohh...

    lets not forget Jessica Alba on the Ninja

  18. How about MX TV or Blokesworld on the ABC or SBS.
  19. Happy Days. :LOL:

    I liked Pinkie Toscadero.