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Bike turntable

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by campag, May 20, 2009.

  1. I've been researching options for easily rotating a bike 180 degrees without having to resort to the 1000 point turn I have to do in the limited space of my driveway. With the zzr250, it's not an issue, but my new bike is 280kg and quite a handful to push around to get facing the right way again.

    There are turntables/lazy susan divices for sale on the internet that range from US$200 upwards and perfectly suitable for my beast. However being a handy person building stuff I figured I could make an equally effective device for far less.

    I read some guides on building one so I'm pretty happy with being able to make one, but would like to know if anyone here has made one, where they got parts, problems etc.

    Heavy duty turntable bearings are available off ebay (most US supply) and I can't seem to locate a local one yet.

    Any help or comments welcome.
  2. I can't help ya mate, if i want to turn my bike i just push it over and spin it on the oggy knob. So i'll watch this thread with interest.

  3. there is a way to do it but hard to explain, its like leaning the bike onto its side stand while holding seat and handlebars and spinning bike around that way
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    Just be very careful!!!!!!!!!!

    Depending on where your sidestand mounts, you can actually damage the frame if it decides to snap.

    Worked great on all of my other bikes but the sidestand on teh BMW seems to bolt to a fairly flimsy part of the frame.

    Most BMW forums advise against pivoting the bike on the sidestand.
  6. The Anderson is a great idea, but still not as easy to spin a bike 180 as a turn-table. I thought about knocking something up for the carport I'm dealing with at the moment, but I'm only going to be here another couple of months, so not bothering.

    Be interested to see what you come up with!
  7. I've got a "lazy susan" that I've been meaning on putting in the carport, once I properly enclose it. Picked one up from a factory that didn't use it anymore. They originally had it for wrapping boxes on pallets, so the diameter is the width of a chep pallet.

    When I eventually get off my backside, I'm thinking of securing a large piece of checkerplate to it so when the bike is on, I can just turn it 180 or 90 degrees. Thinking I'll secure the turntable in place with some locking pins.

    The idea's been floating around in my head for a fair while, just need to come up with some proper plans, and the carport ---> garage project has been on the backburner for way too long.

    F@ck it, I really need to get this this going.
  8. Apparently the sidestand on the new 'blade is too weak for turning on. Honda advised their dealers not to do this - apparently...
  9. Love to watch a clip of that mate :shock:

    re: sidestand .. as vic stated +1
    I've used the sidestand technique a few times, but am careful ONLY to use it as a last measure.
  10. From SVDU:

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    My bike is 280kg (R1150RT). This is not an option, but interesting to watch.
  12. Interesting how a lack of analysis failed to pick up the obvious flaw in the design, despite the wonderful engineering work. Castors and gaps in the bricks. Someone should have done a little test first maybe? Anyway all easy in hindsight, LOL.

    The device I'm intending to build is circular, about 300mm diameter and maybe 12 - 15mm thick. All I need is a heavy duty turntable bearing (400kg+ capacity) and some cut to size steel plate. Attach plate to bearing (not sure how yet), maybe also some heavy duty rubber between the base of the bearing and the ground.

    The bike on sidestand, position device under bike at the right point, pop center stand onto it, rotate and voila!

    I need the turntable to be portable so I can just pick it up and store it away when not needed.

    Think I'll hunt around for parts this weekend.
  13. This is the one I looked at originally and was (and still am) mighty tempted to buy, but it's about US$200 and for what it is, it's not rocket science to put together.

    They weren't obvious on shipping overseas either as their online store didn't accept any anything outside of US states and zip codes.

    I can make one! I WILL make one!!!

    It's so simple, I can't believe there isn't a retailer/manufacturer here that sells them.
  14. I made a gadget out of steel plate and casters,it needs reinforcing with angles so it wont bend,I use my centrestand on it,and you need casters with brakes or its imposable to stop it going everywhere while you pull the bike up,mine has a cutout so it goes as far back as possible against the tyre,pop it up and wheel it into the corner,it was a stupid amount of work
    so $200 us is probably smarter.I got the idea from the V8 supercar blokes
    wheeling the race cars around.I just had a look at the one in the vidio,if I had seen it I would have bought it,great gadget,but be wawned because of the extra hight you need to lift them some bikes might need a couple of blokes to heave them up unless the centrestand has lots of leaverage,
    I would love to see someone do it on a Goldwing
  15. After mining the internet for a couple of hours this morning I finally found a mob that makes bearings of all shapes and sizes. So I ordered a 300mm diameter, 8mm thick 450kg load lazy susan bearing, $30 delivered from qld. Yay Qld!!!

    I figure that $30 is the minimum I'd pay freight from the US for the turnabike one, so I've already save heaps of $$$ and I have the major component.

    Next, heavy duty rubber sheet, 1/4 or 3/8" mild steel plate, things to fix it all together and hey presto! Shouldn't cost me more than another $30 and some elbow grease.
  16. Can you post the link to the bearing? I'd love to build one of these too.
  17. Minature Bearings

    type in "lazy susan" in the search box in the top right and then click the Lazy Susan Bearings link from the search results
  18. this may not work but what about puting a plate on top of a car jack then jacking it up then spinning on the jacks wheels?
    But then i guess it might fall off cause cog will be all messed up plus the jacks wheels probably designed to not move with weight on.
    Ill just go crawl back into my little hole.
    Toodles.. :(