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bike turns off while riding

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by GForce, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. hi guys, i have a problem and i know it is fuel related.

    while riding, the bike splutters and now matter how much a rev it, the bike isnt getting enough fuel and then turns off. this happened when i was on the highway and today in the hills when doing high revs. i pull over and then switch it to prime for 2 seconds and then switch it back and it starts again. riding again after 1 min, it happens again.

    what could it be? dirty tank? shit in my carb bowl? is there anything i can put in my tank that will clean it out?
  2. Ok, it sounds like 1 of 2 problems. Tank breather or vacuum line to the tap.

    check both are clear and have good connections.
  3. Could be what ibast says, or could be a very dirty (or blocked) fuel filter in the line between tank and carbs.
    The Viffer used to do this to me from time to time. Was always the filter. Easy to check/replace before you go off into more complex areas.
    Next step after that is fuel pump.
  4. i checked the vaccum line and fuel line and they are both good. i took the tap apart and it seems to be good too. hrmmm what could it be?
  5. tank vent. How long a ride does it take? Ride around for a bit, untill just before it normally happens. Then pop the petrol cap. Listen for an in-rush of air. Go for a ride and see if it happens again.

    Also, usually the vacuum line attaches to one of the carbies. It may be that the vaccum port that runs from the intake, though the carbie may be blocked.
  6. i installed a fuel filter today and the petrol sucks when i rev it and when i let go it fills up again so this is a good sign. i cleaned the breather hole in the petrol cap with a air gun and guess what??? it was blocked so i kept at it until a piece of paint chip flew out and hit me right in the eye.

    i yet have taken the bike for a ride as i am about to go food shopping with the misses so hopefully after, i will find out if the problem is fixed. if not, no track day for me this saturday.
  7. That's good.. thought you are pulling apart your zx2r?

    How much is the fuel filter and where is it located?
    Also, the breather hole is actually at the petrol cap where you put in the key?

    I might do the same..

  8. i have 2 zx2r. one is in perfect working order, the other needs new forks.
    i bought an external fuel filter and put it on the fuel line.

    i have been so busy for the past few days, i havent even had the chance to ride the thing. everything is back in and is ready to go so ill take it out tmw and hopefully it works fine.