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Bike trip on a 250cc- challenging, or just plain crazy?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Honda24, May 19, 2011.

  1. My partner and I have been inspired to go on "the great motorbike trip" in Vietnam, Zew Zealand and Europe.

    But we're practicing first with a short trip somewhere this coming Queen's Birthday long weekend.

    I have a Honda VTR 250 and he has the ol' faithful Cibby. Is a trip (even a short one) going to be challenging on a 250cc?

    Incidentally, can anyone recommend a weekend trip destination from Melbourne? :D
  2. Nope, 250cc is fine. I used to do day rides out west on my 250cc scooter, and it was great. Given your bike is a manual it should be even easier. Just take it easy and enjoy the ride!
  3. Go the GOR, good fun trip for a weekend. 250 should be ok, they will get abit tiring on the highway though, i would recommend an upgrade to something comfy with plenty of storage room if you are going to be doing big trips..
  4. don't ask.

    just do it.
  5. i did a big 3 day trip with my bro, him on a rs125 and me and my gt250. Had a great time. Went up to bright from melbourne and did tawonga gap, hotham etc. Good fun. Only sucked when we ended up on the hume on the way home. so my only advice is to stick off the big freeways. other than that, go nuts!
  6. I think the furthest I did on my VTR250 was 825km in a day. They're not ideal touring mounts (vibration through the bars, cramped leg position for 6'4 riders), but it can be done. :)

    There are some ride reports here on Netrider from a few years ago, with people doing multi-day trips up and down the coast on 250s. :)

    Shorter trips (400km?) on twisty scenic roads will be even more fun.

    As the others said, get out and do it, you'll have a blast.
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys- there is no question that I Will do it.

    @ Mike: I thought of Bright as I've been there many times, great to hear that it's a good bike ride too. But maybe the locusts will make it difficult?
  8. Yup do it! I did heads of long trips on my 250, some of the best times..
    Did Warnambool return (including the Mornington Peninsula and the ferry to Queenscliffe) one weekend, totally recommend it!
  9. As Mav said, don't ask, just do. And that applies to destination. Trust me, if you end up touring more on bikes you'll look back and see that these bikes can easily do it and that rain, hail or shine you and the bikes are up to it. The concerns new or newish riders regularly have about this stuff is all in their heads.
  10. What do you mean by a trip? Last Sunday I did about 250 km in a day on my 250cc, it was fine. Not problems in terms of muscle soreness but it was quite mentally tiring as a large percentage of it was 80-100 km/h zones with twisties (that being the point of the ride....)
  11. If you do a bright / hotham run just be aware of the weather conditions and pack / dress for it (forecast for snow on Monday) It's still doable, don't be scared off.

    My first solo overnighter was done on a single cylinder 250 - 1200km over two days after I'd been riding for about 2 months.
  12. Thanks mattb.

    By a trip I mean a long weekend away. I just wanted to know that my bike was up to it, so thanks!
  13. You can tour on anything and there's nothing wrong with a 250. My daughter did Melbourne - Mt Gambier several times on her Spada.
  14. I did a week long trip through the NSW Snowy's on my trusty VTR250. Had a blast! ROde with 2 mates, one on a ER6N and the other on a Vstrom 1000. Ventura rack and bag, Too Easy.... My only advice would be to consider a throttle rocker, $10.
  15. Come back and ask the question after you have done it,

    You can then tell us what a great time you had,
  16. Thanks guys for letting us know its possible. Im not really keen for ventura rack and bag and am leaning towards saddlebags, any recomendations?
  17. Ogio make nice bags.
    And the 250 is fine, just start and the rest will happen.
  18. I agree.

    When I started riding we would just pick up and go. Had not major problems on a CBR 250.

    And all this stuff about, more comfy, more storage, more power, more torque - seriously it's all rubbish. You only know about all that stuff if you have ridden/toured on a bigger bike. If the 250 is all you have ever known then you wouldn't know the difference. Can't miss what you haven't had.

    Take MAV's advise and be like Nike.
  19. You are hardly Gunna buy a bigger bike just for the odd weekend.

    Be aware of fatigue, which will set in early if you haven't done a bigger trip before.

    Break the ride up, and don't feel obliged to push on if don't feel like it.
    In other words,