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Bike trashing cagers at it again!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pro-pilot, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Well.... Has not been a happy day :(

    Just thought I'd share! One week old scoot VS125 has been violated!

    Got to a spot I needed to park at today, but alas no footpath space to mount. So thinking it would be safe, placed my scoot in a car park that was just vacated.

    In for a meeting, come out and find a note with a contact number! :shock: I knew some sh*t had gone down.

    Did the panic walk around and found some thankyou very much scratches, rooted muffler plate and mirror, plus a brake lever that looks like Uri Geller had been in town :evil:

    Rang the number and it was a guy who picked it up and luckely gave me some partial plate numbers of some old bag who reversed into it. Stopped. Then reversed some more until it tipped!!! :!:

    She then apparently looked in the rear view mirror and drove off rather quickly.

    So end the virgin new purchase :mad:

    All I can say is thank god its not the R1 [-o<

    Mandatory yearly license tests over 70 I say. Sounds like s/he's not exactly the full quid.
  3. That really sucks, man. I guess the partial plate match is no help to you? I'm guessing the guy saw what type of car it was? Probly a 1975 datsun 120y from the sounds of it :mad:
  4. Bloody hell. I guess it is proof-positive of one thing. There is no shortage of assholes in the world. And age is no barrier to being one.
  5. This is why i always share with another bike or park across the front of the spot so dicks can see it before they even turn to get into the spot.

    Best of luck following it up man.
  6. believe the dragon reversed from the park in front of where I parked. I had occupied the space fully as to hope avoiding this :roll:

    Gave the information to the cops along with car description, so will see what comes back.

    Hopefully there are spares available for this new model. Else will be a bit of a wait!
  7. sorry to hear about the scoot, it just reminds us what kind of people are out there! Guess ill stick to spots were cages cant get into!!!
  8. Thats really crap news mate. What a prick! Idiot obviously realised they had hit something, but they weren't intelligent / bothered enough to think to realise something is going on and needs to be checked, so they reversed some more until they heard it smack.

    I'd beat the crap out of anyone I saw doing it.
  9. How much of a partial plate did ya get dude? Enough for the cops to narrow it down?

    Sux! Sorry to hear. And yeah, lucky it wasnt the R1! :grin:
  10. They won't do anything unless they get a full plate that matches the cars description. Maybe it was the guy that left his number? Sounds suss he didn't get the full plate down. :S
  11. Guy got 2 letters and a number he is pretty sure of. The others he was not 100% on.
    The car was a holden astra and red in colour, female driver circa 40's.

    This would narrow it down pretty much.

    But think that without a positive full plate it could be quite possible will just get an incident report.

    Will add some pics!
  12. be thankfull you got a no. some of us have had things smash too shit with
    nothing...still sux I know.
  13. They will need the full plate and the guy to testify as a independant witness.
  14. Well who ever it was, i hope a semi backs in to there car, and then just reverses a little further until its on top of it, and all this while they are still in the car.. :evil:
  15. Man there's a lot of f#ckwits out there. Can't believe people are that f#cked that they wouldn't leave their own note for the person bike/car that they just trashed. Hope karma comes back tenfold.
  16. Well, just goes to show the risks taken in the city when parking. I always aim to use the footpath. And in as many number of times of using car parking bays, I have received a ding or damage.

    Only redeeming factor is the costs of the unit are not that high. But still, hate nothing more than a bright shiny new toy being tarnished!

    As for this, yes, it would appear not much is happening this way. :roll:

    Mission for the week is see if there are actually spares for this unit available yet! :?

    Only redeeming factor is that I have a good contact to fix the light scratches.
  17. Some people just have no consideration for others; no morals. It's so low :evil:
  18. I had something similar happen, but I was able to get witnesses and a full numberplate and description.

    Bad luck, I hope something good happens to balance the bad.
  19. unlucky mate,
    keep us updated on the progress.
    really hope the culprit gets done
  20. I think it’s a question of risk for the driver. They will claim they never saw the thing. That It left no damage to their vehicle, therefore it wasn’t them. Etc.etc.etc

    Most people will take flight if they think they can get away with it.

    Its almost worthwhile just having a piece of sh*t to ride into work to cater for such idiots!