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Bike transporter from brisbane to Sydney?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by browny, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. G'day Guys,

    I've gone and purchased a blackbird. The problem I have is it is in Brisbane.
    I was thinking to fly up on Saturday and ride it back on Sunday, however It's a pretty decent ride back, and I was thinking if I could find a company to move it for me.
    I've emailed one mob - Bikes Only and they quoted me $330.


    I have viewed a lot of Pictures and it looks great but a part of me still wants to view it before I hand over the hard earned $$$

    What do you guys reckon??
  2. I've you've got the time, ride it back. Helluva way to get to know your new bike. :grin:
  3. Ask someone in Brisbane to go and check it out....

    Just going through the same thing (Melb to Syd same price), by the time you get cabs backwards and forwards, airfare plus your time, unless you are making a tour of it, rather than on boring highways, I'd get it shipped....
  4. Fly up and ride back, it's only about 1000km. An easy days ride. Plus it will be cheaper than having it freighted down and more fun.
    Also if you have only seen photos of it i would want to see it in person or get someone to go look at it first.
  5. Carolf_au's hubby rides one (they're in Brisbane). He'd probably be a good person to check it out for you.

    If you were to ride it back, you could probably organise someone up here to pick you up from the airport and take you to the bike. Hell, I'll ride out the airport and pick you up if I'm available.

    Where is it located?
  6. Its been done before. Sight unseen too I believe.
    Ktulu did it no so long ago.
  7. Thanks for the offer from the airport mate, I appreciate that. I didn't even think about Carol being in Brisbane. I'll have to send her a PM and see if her hubby would mind.
  8. Don't thank me yet, you haven't seen me ride! :wink:
  9. And I'd do it again!
  10. But had you paid him the money? Or was the bike subject to your inspection?
  11. I negotiated the "As long as I'm happy with it on inspection" price, and gave him the cash before test-riding it on the condition if I was happy/crashed it, I've bought the bike. If I wasn't happy and bike was returned in the condition it left, I'd get the money back.
  12. Browny, You've seen the light??


    I've texted you a pretty good company..have shipped a bike up there several times before and they were very reasonably priced and good to deal with :cool: If not you can send me up there and I'll ride it back and give it a good thrashin.....whoops I mean gently ride her home for yer :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Matt, nobody is going to look it over more critically than I, and if you want we can fly up together Saturday morning and ride it back over the weekend if you are happy with it.
  14. :tantrum:

    Awesome browny :) Do you have your fulls? If not then fly up and get it then ride back :) Boring highway kms yes, but a nice long trip is a good chance to get used to it.

    Another blackbird! :(

    I'd totally have bought one if I wasn't pansy about having a F$#k off heavy bike, as I do love to do stupid amount of kms a year.. I should start ordering sv engines :LOL:
  15. Nah. take the risk.................I just sold my cruiser to a guy in the ACT who fully paid me without even seeing it.

    go on.......do it,.....do it
  16. That means you can buy another bike now ? :) I vote R6! :)
  17. Oh my back and wrists hurt just thinking about an R6 :LOL: :LOL:

    Go on browny.......take the punt sight unseen.....whaddayagottalose???? :LOL:
  18. Hey Browny! Have PM'd Paul's mobile number to you. He'll be able to pick up on any little problem that the bird may have.

    I'd go with the shipping option - it's a big step-up from a GPX to a 'Bird, I know because I saw Paul do it, and going from one to the other is scary for me - in the garage!!!! :LOL:
  19. Yeah but anything to stop him sitting on mine :LOL: :LOL:
  20. I knew it..............you eastsissyside boys are ghey :LOL: :LOL: