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Bike transport?????

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by lowie, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Gidday,

    Can anyone give us a good reliable transport mob to move a bike from Sydney to Melbourne?

    What sort of dollars am I looking at and what should I look out for when going through these transport companies?

    Any info appreciated,


  2. pm me quick before they delete the tread mate...

    I organised mine just recently and well i have a few tips... this really should be under buisness service providers etc... mouth is techy on what is bike related...
  3. :LOL: @ ward

    Too true tho...
  4. Bike transport

    Do I need to re post this in the right forum?

    Give a newbie a hand here!!
  5. yep :( wapish... once bitten twice as annoyed... twice bitten FQ#$ the mods its bike realted... my bike, me and my bike so how isnt that not bike related?
  6. ...read the forum titles more closely ward... general is for bike related but not covered by other forums!

    Let it go mate, let it go...

    Thankyou to the Mod who moved the thread painlessly into the right forum. :)

    Lowie... you've had an important NR moment early on. Welcome aboard!! :)
  7. Bike transport

    Thanks for the tips.

    As it turns out, my mate knows a few people who do a Sydney run every 2 days and will move a bike for a Slab.

    You bewdy!!

  8. Nationwide Transport - bit pricey but good

    Tip: get one that is covered by insurance in case of any damage / accident during haulage.