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Bike transport regional NSW

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Oldmaid, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Hi
    Anyone got suggestions on a. bike transport firm, or even who to avoid, for transporting the whinja up to Port Macquarie in a coupla weeks please?
    I have had quotes varying from $1250 to $290 from four firms for door to door.
    I have to drive up but need my baby up there as well.
    Thought and suggestions welcome.
    And no, I don't want anyone to ride my girl up there thanks. :)

  2. Thanks cjvfrcjvfr I did a search on NR and saw the one above and will try them tomorrow but didn't see the other link :)
  3. $1250!!!! Just buy a trailer
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  4. Ask Jay (Hornsby). He might have a contact or connection in that line off work
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  5. Do you have a towbar on your car?

    Trailer hire?
  6. Just an alternative approach...
    Get someone to drive your car up there so that you can ride up
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  7. *COUGH* I have some free time *COUGH*
  8. I know! I cafienned my screen when I saw that one.
    I am taking my beaten up little hospital circus car which couldn't tow roadkill...little old Barina that I got because I was sick and tired of constant dings and broken side mirrors etc from parking at the hospitals I have worked at.

    WombleWomble cough we can dissect over coffee cough :)
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  9. Is there not some train that carries cars etc you could use? Saves you driving and you can take said bike with....
  10. Road trip!!
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  11. Where there's a will there's a way????

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  12. Twenty years ago there was

    You should check how much it would be for depot to the highway. I think it will be much cheaper if you pick it up at that maccas on the highway there.

    Thiugh personally i would just fly down and ride it back. I did further than that on my Ls
  13. I am not worried about the ride distance...I have done more than that distance in day several times :)
    My problem is that I am time limited with work. I finish work on the 12/8, will get removalists in on the 13/8 then drive up, then move into my rental on the 14/8 and start work on the 17/8.
    Don't want anymore fluffing around and most of all not in the mood at all to be dicked around by anyone...anyone
    Not interested in going back up and down like a yoyo at this stage. I need the time up there to get electricity and other shit sorted ASAP.
    Just want my shit up there and be over and done with it.
    Thought someone might say use company X they did a good job and isn't run by retards...that's all.
    Then I can settle down and just breathe for a while...then go explore the Oxley and surrounds...
    Feel free to close the thread thanks mods :)
  14. Why dont you ask your Removalists,its on wheels and they should have a ramp or tailgate lift.Bleeding obvious,maybe to obvious.Trains used to be a good way to get a broke bike home,not anymore
  15. I am not sitting back with my arse on my heels waving my hands in the air going I don't know how to do this!
    I have some quotes...as I said in OP
    Was just looking to see if anyone had used someone in NSW. The answer is obviously no.
    As for bleeding obvious, a bit presumptuous on your part...
    The removalists won't include it because it is not covered for payment by my employer. The removalists were the ones who quoted me the $1274.77 as a separate item.
    Now if I was a suck arse useless politician the bike would be carried there by vestal virgins...and wasabi could be fed peeled grapes the whole way...
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  16. Does someone need a hug??
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  17. Well NOW I fcukEN KNOW.
  18. Yeah go on then,how much money should I bring?
  19. All righty then...you didn't fcken well bother to pose it as a question did you...? You just assumed that I hadn't thought of that option...
    anything else you feel the need to know so you will fcuken well know now...? :)
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