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bike transport Perth to Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pil, May 29, 2006.

  1. Just bought my new bike and need some help sorting out transport. Never done this before so any info would be a great help. I have got a bike crate but the rest is open for any suggestions. Heres hoping someone can point me in the right direction other wise i think i will go around in circles.

  2. Hi Pil

    WA Freight Lines
    08 9351 8599

    give them a try. got no idea if they will do it but i dont see why not if its all boxed up and everything. They will obviously charge based on weight and size. i sent some stuff (not a car or bike) with them one time and they were pretty good to deal with.
  3. Virgin Blue one way to Perth, then straight across the Nullabor...
  4. Agreed.... 1 way ticket and enjoy the ride back. ;-)

  5. Naaaah, let Incitatus ride it across and then buy him a one way 'cheapo' ticket home.
  6. Pil.
    I work for WA Freightlines and would happily help you.
    Phone me for more details, if you so wish.
    Darren: 03) 9360 0977
  7. cant get better than that hey Pil,
    go straight to the source i reckon.
    Netrider comes through again.
  8. Yeah, Yeah.....bloody netrider. I came that close to getting a free ride across the Nullarbor on someone elses bike, but oh no, you had to spoil my chances.....bastards......dribble.....drool.....bastards....
  9. Theres no way you were getting that trip inci.

    You and me. Rock, paper scissors, best of 3 gets to do it.
  10. God dam I love this site all ya have to do is put it out there and so many people help with stuff that would other wise take me a life time to try and find out. Thank ya all. By the way Im already in WA with no gear to ride back but the thought did cross my mind to ride the new beasty home I just dont have an iron butt. :LOL:
  11. They won't let you take the beast as carry on luggage?? Bastards!!

    Also try a mob called Sadliers Transport, dirt cheap because they send stuff back and forth from Perth to Sydney on trains rather than trucks. Takes a couple of days more though...
  12. I would be hesitant sending a bike via rail, simply due to a lack of suspension on the carriages and excessive shunting.
    Truck it on nice airbag suspension..... :cool:
  13. Look in the links directory
  14. I had my son in laws (which is now mine) GPX250, packed into a crate by a bike shop in Perth and brought over to Melbourne by WA Freightlines. Total cost of crate, packing and delivery = $500.00. I had to collect it from their depot in the Western suburbs.javascript:emoticon(':evil:')
    Evil or Very Mad
  15. I used Bikes Only when I had to ship a bike from Darwin to Adelaide.

    Fantastic service. I wasn't able to be at either end of the journey - they sorted everything.

    I'd use them again.
  16. Bikes only wanted to charge me $900.00 (Door to door). That also covered insurance damage from a truck roll over, or total destruction of your bike, but does not cover scratches or bumps during loading, unloading, etc. You need to take out extra insurance for that. Good idea if its a good new bike but not for my $2000.00 GPX. javascript:emoticon(':evil:')
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