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Bike Transport - Melbourne to Perth

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by imajo, May 12, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Anyone had their bike transported? How much did you pay?

    I got a quote from a mob and they have quoted $1100 (bit expensive i reckon)

  2. Not sure on the exact price but it's obviously going to vary depending on if you package the bike yourself or not. Might wanna go chase a few dealerships and see if you can get an empty bike delivery case for a few $$$ (or even a slab... i hear they're succeptable to booze at bike shops).
  3. i just want to chuck it on a back of a truck and wave it off
  4. I shipped my R60/6 door to door from Queensland to Perth for $860 including full insurance. It arrived in perfect condition after 12 days
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  6. Unless things have changed in the past six months none of those except 'Bikes Only' will ship outside the eastern states unless it's actually overseas. I don't think they have WA on their maps.
  7. well another place has quoted $800
    my bro in perth wants a bike and theres not much over there so i thought id find one here and send it over - cause i remembered my car only cost $500 to send over.

    Might just tell him to spend that $800 on something else.
  8. Pay my fare one way, fuel and (basic) accomodation, and I'll ride it over for him.
  9. Check out the Australian Superbike Series web site and if you can arrange it in the next week or so you might be able to get it into one of the containers being sent to Barbagallo for the next round of the series??
  10. Ever thought of crating it and placing it in a shipping container then railing it across to WA?

    I know a few freight forwarders if you want to visit that option.
  11. Phone me!
    I work for WA Freightlines P/L!
    $520 incl GST and Fuel Levy.
    Needs to be prepaid and in a bike crate.
    Have your own insurance cover it in transit.
    We move thousands of bikes annually. We know what we're doing.

    0427 698 902
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  13. oh yeah cheers man - ill keep that in mind.
    I have to create the damn bike though :]
    cant i just roll it into the train and then wave it goodbye?

    LOL incitatus i contemplated that but riding 3 odd thousand kms across Australia kinda put me off. I couldnt walk properly for a day when i rode from lorne back to chaddy let alone from melbourne to Perth.
  14. deafwish do you guys come pick up the create and drop it off to where i want it to go?
  15. Yes, but only business to business.
    We require forklift facilities, as out trucks are curtain sided.