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Bike transport - idea of costs between brisbane to nsw

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by The_Doctor, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. I'm looking at buying a bike interstate due to cost and condition of bikes in sydney at the moment.

    Can anyone give me an idea of what it costs to bring a standardish road bike between brisbane and sydney?

    I took a look at the information link the site has, but haven't got to the point of quotes yet, just curious to hear what people have paid.

  2. I phoned around a few places 2-3 months ago, and from memory the quotes ranged from between $330-420.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I've moved cars interstate (melb to sydney depot) and it cost $371 from memory.

    Was thinking that bikes would be sub $300, but oh well. Anyone else got any cheaper quotes?
  4. if i was in bris, i wudve rode the bike for u from bris to syd :) u pay my fuel cost though :D

    good luck with the purchase nd the transfer of the bike :)
  5. Cheap flight to brisbane ~$115, petrol back +~$100 depending on the bike :LOL:
  6. You don't want cheaper quotes. You want a fully insured carrier that will treat your bike with care.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. if the bike is the new Fireblade, i'll ride it 4u 4free ! :LOL:

    Last time it cost my brother around $320 too, door-2-door with insurance.
  8. $320 sounds reasonable, any ideas which company?

    If someone wanted to ride a 250 from brisbane to sydney be my guest, I would happily pay $100 to save myself the uncomfortable seat & whining of a 250 at 120kmh.

    Haven't even got to that point with the purchase yet, just interested in seeing some prices.

    thanks again for the feedback.
  9. cant give you a price for that but an exhaustive search scored me the cheapest quote from 'bikenut' for my transport needs.they provide insurance too so check 'em out if you havent already.

    FYI sydney to townsville=$675
  10. I actually got my bike transported yesterday using Bikenut it was $343, and i used them becuase this price included insurance . I expect it to arrive in brisbane on monday which should be sweet. My work was paying so i didn't really care who transported it, but they replied quickly and offered to transport it within the shortest time after paying so i went with them.
  11. do what i did

    call 2 mates, get in the car 5am sydney,
    pickup motorbike trailer from kennards
    drive north for oh say 11 hours ish depending how many times you stop for maccas
    arrive in qld (or tweed heads where i picked my bandit up from)
    have another feed, take the bike for a ride, put on trailer
    go to goldcoast, get expensive hotel, go out and get drunk, pickup some goldy chicks, return to hotel about 5am drunk as a skunk
    order room service for 9am
    sleep through room service being put in your expensive hotel room
    wakeup 11am hungover
    eat cold bacon and eggs and coffee
    enjoy the view from your 30th story hotel room
    go for a swim, check out goldy chicks more
    drive back to sydney just after lunch
    stop for more maccas and meat pies
    return sydney early hours of morning
    return trailer first thing monday morning only paying for 2 days hire!
    put a couple of thousand kms on mums expensive car
    reminis on your awesome road trip with your mates for weeks to come.... enjoy your bike
  12. We have a winner!! :LOL:
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  14. Buy one in Canberra, quick, before the weather warms up! :grin: