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Bike transport/freight recommendations

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by adrian, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just bought a ZXR250 in Sydney and I am up in Townsville (my brother is having a great time riding around on it).

    Does anyone have any recommendation for a transporter to have it freighted up for a reasonable price. I have inquired with some places and have quotes of $500 -$700, does anyone know anything cheaper??

  2. I doubt you'll get much cheaper than $500 unless you can find a trucking company doing back freight.

    Try giving one of the local Townsville trucking companies a ring, but you'll have to get your brother to crate it for you if you do that or put it on a pallet with the forks off and the fuel and oil drained. I'd be removing the fairings if I did that too.
  3. How about flying there one way and riding back, is that an option?
  4. Phone Kawasaki and ask them how they get their bikes up to Townsville. Tell them that next time they are due to send up a consignment could they let you know and wack it with their shipment, of course, assuming that they do so regularly.
    Then go see a dealer and ask to buy a crate off them, saves them having to throw it out and crate the bike up.

    Failing the first idea, crate the bike and phone NQX, see what they would charge, border express is another one or even 1st Fleet.

    Don't sound like a complete dunce when you ring them though. Tell them that you have crate that is xxM3 and 180kg to move.

    Having said all that I'd reckon you would be up for $500 at the least.

    If all that is too hard, phone Dave Milligan (Get Routed) I dont have his number handy, but he has a webfright.

    If none of the above ideas are any good then get stuffed :p:p :)
  5. i take it no trains head out thataway
    i whacked mine on a train from adelaide to perth and it cost just over 800 for both of us

    no matter what you do it will cost you heavily unfortunately dood but good luck with it

    *whats the distance to travel??? as undii said why not ride it back home would be a great chance to get better acqainted with your new machine
  6. Check their insurance....heard some horror stories. Vic's idea sounds very sensible to me....that's what I would do in your place.

    :D :D :D
  7. see the links section on netrider , there is transport companys there .
  8. Thanks guys, looks like im going to have to deal with the expense huh.

    I would ride it back, i am very tempted, but its around about 2500km and I havent riden in months, I imagine it will probably break my back.

    There are plenty of trains up here, I actually live in a suburb thats right next to the train yards, Ill look into that.

    I got a quote from Toll for 380 if the bike is crated, just have to see how much I can score a crate for.
  9. Interstate Motorbike shipping

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a company that moves bikes interstate. I've got to move from Perth to Melbourne in the next two weeks, and I'll probably have to take the bike. Any ideas about how much this will cost?

  10. i dont know too much about motorbike transport, but could you possibly fit onto your removals truck? when you think about how much they can fit in those things, a good removilist will just be able to treat it like a piece of furniture....or fashion accessory......

    hope i helped
  11. I have used Motorcycle Logistics - They are a NetRider supporter.

    Rob is your man - 0419 52 19 39 or www.motorcyclelogistics.com.au

    Have used them a few times and have been very impressed.

  12. Not to sure on your costs from over there but i got a bike delivered from the goldcoast down to Melbourne for $160 . Straight to the front door . I'll try to find who it was , they might have a branch over there.
  13. $160 from QLD?!?!?!?! paint me green and call me gumby :shock: thats an awesome price!

    i paid $260 from NSW and that was a good price, most quotes were around or over the $500 mark....
  14. Well gumpy :LOL: . Yes , very good deal . It's amazing what deals you can do when you buy brand new :D .
  15. $160 does sound very good. I've only rang one place so far and they were quoting just over $1000, which is probably more than the bike is worth (Suzuki Across with about 130,000 km on the clock). I'm sure someone can do better than that :)
  16. you can get a crate made for around $200 - $250. a good handyman could do it cheaper, drain the fuel tank, strap bike inside crate and ship as general road or rail freight, your frieght costs would be under $200, and you can take the option of insurance (but not sure of price) Try Owens Logistics, Perth Freightlines or SCT, all good reputable freight companies. the cheapest option would be to look in your state paper for removal companies looking for backloads.
  17. Don't know if they still do it, but I used Vee Two when I moved east in 97....Bike wasn't damaged at all....logitics were simple...they used their own crates etc...

  18. The guys to ring are Ferguson Motorcycle transport.
    Their based in Melbourne but have weekly runs interstate to all states.

    03 9747 6443
  19. I did it to and from Perth and I did find it a bit different in the twelve months between.

    Both times I ended up doing it with a removalist company MCS and Grace.

    I had to crate it each time.

    Once they had a crate made and it wasn't that good because it did a bit of damage. Although I did score a seat recover out of it.

    The other time I got a bike shop to put it in one of their left over crates.

    Contact a bike shop. they may be able to organise it for you.

    I think Kawasaki at Inaloo? may have been the ones who crated for me.

    Also Frasers is in both Perth and Sydney so they may crate bikes to themselves on a regular basis
  20. Sorry retract that you going to Melbourne. Maybe there is a bike shop that is in both cities