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Bike Trails in victoria. Maps

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by slickncghia, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. G'day Guys,

    I've Got the urge to hit some dirt (touch wood not literally)

    Ive been googleing my arse off today and am yet to find any decent trail maps.

    Can anyone post any links to some decent maps (google maps is pretty crap for finding trails)

    or has anyone got any cool trails they can reccomend.

    comeing from north melbourne, but i can ute it anywhere prefereable <4hrs

    I have a ktm525exc and looking for beginner freindly to intermediate trails. free flowing or relativeley tight i dont really care. and dirt/woodlands rather than mud or sand (for ease of maintenance lol).

    Cheers for any suggestions

  2. Ute it to your nearest state forest and ride the fire trails if you are rec reg'd and licensed (at least).
    Most fire trails are being opened now for the season but do us all a favour and stick to the tracks.
    BTW a landcruiser or hilux with a bullbar and red plates has right of way :LOL:

    Your nearest DSE office or their joint in East Melb will sell you 1:25000 maps of anywhere in the state.
  3. oh yeah, fully road registered and legal and dont intend on doing anything illeagal.

    But i would still prefer some out of the way places that arent crawling with other bikes and coppas
  4. Toolangi and Black Range State Forests are where I broke myself in (not literally :wink: ) and has heaps of options for testing yourself (or not!). Rooftop maps are excellent and, as they are based in Buxton, very detailed in that area. You should be able to get one from any bikeshop. Ray at the Black Spur Roadhouse has some maps and quite a few dirt riders base themselves either from there, the Black Spur pub or the Buxton roadhouse.


  5. Check out weekend warriors books. Great resource but tend not to follow their loops as I can't be bothered checking the map when riding.

    Have used them as a guide over the last view years and they are usually spot on with their ratings.
  6. Why would you not get maps from the people who manage the bush?
    If they're (Vic Map) good enough to follow with a fire raging up your arse they're good enough for trail riding. Trust me!
    They should be under $10 each.
  7. Did I miss something? I was simply saying that they are a great resource. A few guys have put together a book of great trail riding places all over Victoria and they are spot on most of the time.

    Not everyone wants to ride fire trails, they are pretty boring IMHO.
  8. Plenty good riding out here mate. Anywhere between Bacchus Marsh and Daylesford. Although even the trails get a little gayer the closer you get to Daylesford :oops:

    +1 Local DSE has maps to everything you need.
  9. another option is to check out Dirt Bike Wolrd forum, they have dirt versions of the L rides, you hook up and tag along, great group of people, first ride i did there was 47 bikes, Bachus Marsh into Wombat, brill stuff.. all the hill tracks are being opened up now, although if your going into the high country some of the tracks can stay closed i the qwinter was harsh/ bush fires from the past summer etc.
    I am motard at the moment, but the dirt tyres come back in a week or two, let me know if you want to go and play one day...
  10. Have a look at Amtra or dirtbike world sites.
    Both run good rides
  11. dirtbike world dosent want me to register lol they keep banning my email address....maybe im answering there questions wrong lol
  12. you should check out some of the state forests out your way - theres the gorge out near baccus marsh, the gorge out near werribee and a few others within about an hour or 2 of your side of the city.

    if you are looking for a weekend away and are happy to camp i know a few people with properties down near the grampians?
  13. Online maps

    DSE & NRE have a nifty little online forest explorer you can use for trail hunting.. includes elevations/contours and everything.
    They normally have online a ton of info on seasonal road closure, road maintenance/grading too.
  14. Have a look at the DSE Trail Bike Project pages. Lots of good info and a link to interactive maps.

    This is one of the more unheralded projects - DSE are actually doing a good job with this one.