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Bike trailers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by murchy, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Anyone know how much I can hire a trailer for/where from? Managed to run myself out of battery.

    Or better yet how much chargers cost, or if anyone can let me borrow one that would be very lovely.

  2. Have you tried push starting it? What bike is it? A carbie bike should fire. My old VFR I used to push for months when I was too poor to afford a new battery.

    Hmm maybe you have a FJR, that would be a b*tch to push start.

    You can pick up a charger for between $30-$100 at Autoone etc. I am in Sydney so no loanie. A lot of servos here have box trailer hire that would get a bike on. You might want to just go with a bike transport company though, lots of stuffing around to save a few dollars and they will look after the bike and strap it down properly.
  3. I don't know how much it costs to hire a trailer, but surely a new battery isn't that much more in the long term.....
  4. charger i got was around $60...

    OR you can get a whole bunch of 9v batteries in series and hook them um to jump your bike... or dont you have any friends who can come and jump your bike with jumper leads?

    If you don't have any friends... i'm sorry if i've offended you...
  5. hahaha nah most of my friends that would own trailers live out in the country.
    i'm now looking into buying a charger.

    vertical c, it's an efi bike - i tried push starting it and managed to do it a couple of times (roughly 4 out of my 7 attempts) - but the issue which caused the flat battery (random chain cutting out of the engine), is limiting my ability to run it long enough to get the battery some charge again
    waiting on a replacement faulty tipover switch to fix the issue
  6. 2nd gear is your friend
  7. jump start off the car
  8. did mine like that, SuperCheap autos sell chargers as do AMX on Keilor Park drive, if you work in town A'Beckett st in town i think no 45, Jayco [check the site] I thinh they sell anything auto elec.. I'm a suburb away if you wanna jump start and you dont have a car, pm me for mobile I'll pop round and yes I got jumper leads too.
  9. thanks for the offer goddie, but the cutting out may well happen before i even get far enough to get enough charge through the battery for it to be able to start again. i'll have to invest in a charger.
  10. How often is it cutting out (and I have no idea what "random chain cutting out of the engine" means - but then again, I'm not real bright with, what do you call them? spanners?...I digress)

    Anyway, if you can't keep it running long enough to keep it charged, you're not getting very far are you? Won't you quickly flatten a new battery (or a charged battery) anyway?

    Are you just trying to get it somewhere to look at the cutting out issue?
  11. It's been tentatively diagnosed as a faulty tipover switch, it comes and goes with no real predictability. The other day I got to and from work with no issues, then it cut out 5-10 times between home and the petrol station.

    I dunno. We'll see.

    I'm trying to get it to Staffords in Heidelberg, they're waiting on the replacement part so we can try that out.