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Bike trailer rentals

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by yamahawk, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. My wife (yes my wife) and I are doin a track day at the island in mid december and I am keen to find a place that rents good bike trailers cos I have an R1 and a VFR to take down there. each other time I have tried to hire a trailer with my mate we have found that the trailer can damage the under side of our bikes cos they bottom out on the wheel channels when we go to load them.these trailers we have found at servo's around the place. some of you might say just design one and buy one but they are fairly expensive when it is only used every 2 - 3 months.is there a better alternative or specialty hire place anywhere near berwick.

  2. Now, sir, you have enough posts up to know that you don't post in caps, surely???

    The Ts&Cs say that it's considered shouting and rude, and I'm sure that's not your intention.

    So, if could edit the thread title down to lower case, you will save it from a premature death!
  3. I edited your title for you :) , now back on topic... there is a place in springvale on the highway ( western side of spaghetti junction ) that hires bike trailers that have long ramps and wide 200mm channels to accommodate the wider road tyres.
    From memory last time I hired one for the same reason as you it cost me 110 for the w/end fri to mon

  4. thanx bob. I will go have look.sorry about the caps.I guess I just don't understand computer etiquete(as my wife pointed out).
  5. Every 2-3 months? Time for you to buy a box trailer and modify it. A 7x5 box trailer should fit two fully dressed faired bikes. All you need is a ramp, some locating channels and a couple of hard points. If you have the really wide rear tyres, just lock the front wheel in a channel, the rear can be strapped down easily enough. Some of us don't even feel the need for channels.....
    I say box trailer because they can be used for other things as well, and you can carry gear in them as well as the bikes.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. g'day typhoon.yep I have a trailer for my R1 but my wife is complicating matters by wanting to go to the island as well. my trailer is just a yard trailer and I reckon it will buckle if I put two big bikes on it.I am kinda lookin to buy a bike trailer with my mate goin halves.see how we go hey.
  7. eazy trailer?

    They are in the partners section
  8. Location???

    There's a good trailer hire place on Williamstown road, Spotswood. "All trades" is their name. Their bike trailers don't bottom out sports bikes when loading. They have, one, two and three bike trailers.

  9. At that sort of cost you could buy your own to suit for less than the cost of 3 rentals.

  10. That'd be right. Blame me :evil: I got nnoooooo encouragement from you either :roll:
  11. Yamahawk :rofl:


    You are so :eek:wned: owned.