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bike trailer rental

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nongie, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. hi folks :)
    im looking for a bike trailer to rent for the day to go pick up my first bike ( woo hoo) im located in the S.E burbs of melbourne in dandenong and the bike im picking up is in hoppers crossing ...

    With it being my first ride the idea of riding all that way the first time sounds more stressful than fun lol so if any1 knows a place than rents them out or has one they would rent out happy to leave a fair deposit let me know

    thanks in advance for any/all help
  2. Try local servos that hire trailers. About $50 for 24 hours, I believe. Make sure they have a ramp and will fit a road bike. If they don't have a ramp, make sure you take something with you to load the bike on with.
  3. just pay someone here 50 bux to ride it back for you
  4. or if its a hyosung pay $1000 lol (or is that not enough)
  5. Kennards do bike trailers
  6. I have one in the inner SE if you cant find one closer. but if you have a car with a towball you may aswell borrow a standard box trailer and just be creative with the tie downs
  7. Tradeplus - Trailer place virtualy on the corner of Francis St and Williamstown Rd Yarraville does bike trailers. From memory about $30.
  8. We hired one from Kennards for a week for $186. Didn't come with straps... Was an alright trailer. Worth shopping around.
  9. I have one in highett if you are desperate - PM me for details. I would just hire from a servo - they are not hard to find.
  10. Just ride it yourself. I did. Just take your time. What sort of bike is it?
  11. a zzr-250
    so its a 60k trip straight down the freeway or there abouts

    im gunna try kennards if not try a caged box trailer thanks heaps for the help folks :)
  12. yep kennards was a go $37 overnight
  13. FWIW, I found their three bike trailer a PITA to load the outside bikes on. Gear and brake levers, belly pans and an underslung exhaust had to be removed in order to clear the wheel arch/side rails.