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Bike trailer in a bag

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Gromit, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. I want one of these!


    Unfortunately it looks like you've got to live in the US or Canada. :(
  2. it would be easy to copy you'd reckon....
  3. Should come as standard equipment with all Harley Davidsons :D :D

    Wonder about registration requirements.
  4. Looks a bit flimsy to me.

    I'd be worried about it at 60kms +.
  5. They reckon it's rated to 1200 lbs (which is what - nearly 600kg?), and that:

    "Its main construction is 2 1/2" and 2" structural steel (1/2" and 3/16" thick wall steel, that's material they build buildings out of), with a 3500 lb. 2" coupler, 1000 lb. spindle on each side, C rated 6-ply tires and bearings rated at 7500 rpm."

    So maybe it's sturdier than it looks!
  6. bitchin' who wants to do a group order?

    i'd love to have a bike trailer for track days and long trips but dont have the space to store it :(
  7. Thats pretty rad, its a pain in the arse getting my VTR250 onto the tray of my old mans Triton.
  8. thats pretty cool man,maybe if we take some pics and details to a trailer manufacturer they will make one up.Have to look into that. One of my mates has a Ford Transit van he uses 4 work,his R1 fits in the back perfectly!(could actually fit 2 bikes in!) :D Way cool. 8)
  9. All I need is a Towball and I'd order one of each... :p

    The trailer looks quite good and the towball jack style one would be handy none the less.... :D
  10. You could just drive around all day picking up bikes, you could probably have a good collection after a week or so :p
  11. Try riding bikes, it's more fun than carrying them around on the back of a ute. :LOL:
  12. They look like they would be kinda hard on the tow bar or possibly even the chassis. I know that cars are rated to pull a certain load with a specific tow bar and ball fitted....if it had the weight in one spot like that, it couldn't be good....could it?

    Has anyone seen the tow system that has something like a mini trailer for the rear wheel and the front is attached to the tow bar somehow? That system interests me a lot.

    There was another one that attached the front wheel to the tow bar and just left the rear running on the road, but I think it fell by the wayside as it could not have been good for tyres or the drive chain....

    :D :D :D
  13. No worse than a powerboat, caravan or horse float, surely?

    I guess you might end up with a square profile rear tyre after a long tow, but the chain would just be freewheeling - not transmitting any power - so it'd be having an easy time.

    I don't see why towing a bike like this would be any worse on it than riding the same distance. Anyone?