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Bike-towed trailer . . . rebuild time!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by vortexau, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Well, I've started!

    I've stripped-down my Long Chih based trailer ready for major modifications.
    Its a 830-TA (from Easy Trailer); a cousin of the Harbor Freight model favored by many American Riders. In its first build I kept the original dimensions but lowered it, and extended the drawbar - - - to which I fitted a swivel coupling.


    Now, I intend to narrow it down by 4-6" (easier to use Imperial as you can relate to how the HF's are modified in USA, . . and the spacing and bolt sizes are all Imperial, apart from the mud-flaps). There are factors in the length of the drawbar and the width of the axle that can make towing easier!

    I've even come up with a solution to what to use for a load containment system. In USA the use of car roof-top pods is popular but I don't like how expensive pods are here, and how flimsy they seem. Lately I've been researching garden storage boxes, and these seem superior. Versions are made in South Africa and Italy.
    S.A. made Boxes
    Italian-made Boxes

    Its likely that I'll make the box removable so the trailer is still easy to set-up for other purposes; even including as a light camping trailer (?) down the track!
  2. April- Trailer makeover finished in its initial MkII version:
    Frame is 16cm narrower, esky holder fitted (12v kind), and room for spare fuel. There is 400lt of space in the trunk.

    Spare wheel under the rear where its weight helps with the balance. Now, I'm ready for a camping trip in mid-April.
  3. lol you could put a set of removable bike rails on it, and rescue Netriders!
  4. I think they invented something like this for carrying shit around, cant remember what its called though..... a Cor Cat, I GOT IT, A CAR!! :p
  5. Also does the trailer have brakes? Id hate to see what its like pulling up quickly with a load in the eski.
  6. I've never understood the logic or sense of towing a trailer behind a bike. It removes all the reasons why riding a bike is so good. If you have to carry that much stuff, buy a car and be done with it.
  7. The bike is still a bike and offers freedom. You are always a prisoner when you are inside a car (which always leans the wrong way when you corner).

    A trailer offers load space that would seriously load down a solo motorcycle.

    It is a funny thing! On a group journey; the very people who sneer at the idea of towing a trailer can often be the first who beg to have their luggage stowed inside that trailer!

    So, who's carrying the First Aid kit, a compressor, and spare fuel? I suppose YOU prefer going to go down to the creek when you get thirsty miles away from civilization? If I should so desire; I can fire up the gas burner and tuck into fresh toast and a cup of coffee.
  8. No - a light trailer being towed behind a machine with three disc brakes, and superb engine braking does not really need brakes. I'm not towing a Leesurelite, Bunkhouse, or Elite Camper. Last time I was out towing, I slowed down for two tight corners near home using engine braking alone.

    Its called experience, and anticipation.
  9. :nopity:

    Yes, it does, as long as you don't load it down with a carload of stuff. I've been touring for over 30 years and I know a fair bit about it. Leave all the garbage at home and just enjoy riding the bike.
  10. At last; someone's invented a way to take the beer fridge with you :LOL:....
  11. Well, THAT'S just it, isn't it? Its basically of problem of perception.
    To you, apparently, 400lt of storage (plus an esky) = "a carload of stuff".

    I've travelled long distances by a good range of motorcycle from 100cc to 850cc, over a period of 40 years. I camped at Bathurst bedded down between two motorcycles on my FIRST visit, . . . and had graduated to a compact crawl-in tent on my next visit.

    I no longer use a crawl-in tent, and I've replaced the air-mattress, that I formerly used, with an aluminium stretcher.

    OKAY! You claim to "know a fair bit about" touring. Do YOU think you'll still be forgoing a little bit of comfort when you reach 59-64 years age bracket?

    Is YOUR opinion that its all in "riding the bike", and three damaged vertebrae in the back warrant no real comfort for the night?

    Is a single burner gas hotplate just "garbage"? Try telling those sort of narrow-minded opinions to 26,000 Ulysses Club members!
    Ulysses Clubs’ - Buying a new trailer for the AGM ????
    Try bragging of YOUR "over 30 years" of touring, and YOUR "a fair bit" of knowledge to an average Ulysses Club member and his wife!
  12. sorry to burst your indignant bubble, but RC turned 61 last month, and, present injuries aside, has probably done more kilometres on more different bikes since 1974 that any three Ulysses members put together.....
  13. Chill people.

    It's ok that some people want to use trailers and some people don't want to.

    And just because someone wants to use one is no reason to bag them!

    See... this sort of infighting is why we can never get together to fight the people who really need fighting :(
  14. So, why did RC wait till he was 26 before venturing out on the open road? And if he is really 61; why is he as intolerant and bigoted as the easily encountered Know-Everything 22y.o. Hypermotard rider?
    Is THAT a proven fact, or only the usual "probably" facts-of-imagination loved by posters all over this globe?

    Is it such a GREAT point of Honor to claim great distances under the saddle, while repudiating any practical form of human comfort when bedded down for the night? Does THIS gain one medals and great street cred?

    I'd already taken my FIRST 65cc (a Supercub) Hill Climbing in '67, and wasn't afraid to tackle dirt roads across North Stradbroke Island (the old mining roads), and race to catch the Ferry back over severe pot holes with the short leading link suspension favoured by Honda in the Sixties. Although, I'll admit, I was 20y.o. before I took a 100cc with 11.5hp 500 miles Brisbane to Lake Macquarie NSW, and back again a week later.

    Motorcycling is supposed to be a sport for the Free and Unshackled! From where comes ALL this narrow-minded thinking, and desire for conformity?
  15. i agree, ride what you got people. people have the ability to still be dickheads despite age or experience