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Bike tow?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by TAX123, May 2, 2012.

  1. If your bike breaks down in Sydney metro area is there someone who can bring your bike back home 24/7 without having to call an expensive flatbed tow truck company? Someone who just does bikes and is careful on the fairings?

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    I'm in the nmra and had to use them back last year. The used a flatbed but were super careful, the guy made sure i was happy with the way he'd tied it down.

    Not a mark on the bike, the only thing they didnt do was try to find the fault, just towed it.

  3. do nrma mechanics know about bikes? Ive got nrma for my car but never thought of including my bike.
    Do someone rent trailors with bike stands etc in Sydney area?
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    Try your local u haul place, I'm sure I've seen them.

    For the cost of a one off hire might be worth adding the bike to nmra

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    Forgot to add...try your local bike mechanic they'll offer a pick up service

  6. They'll know as much about bikes as a regular mechanic would. I wouldn't expect them (or hardly anyone else) to be able to do much in the way of roadside repairs except for maybe jump starts or plug cleaning or checking battery terminals or other connections. In most cases you'd be paying NRMA as a towing service. Even a flat would probably result in a tow.

    Calling a regular bike mechanic is fine except that they don't work 24/7 and can sometimes just be busy.
    You can hire specific bike trailers (or just a regular trailer) but have the same issue with when they are open, you probably need 2 people to get it on and off and then there's the hassle of leaving the bike, getting a car to tow it etc.

    I'd go with NRMA and think of it as a tow service. It's $99 for the basic service and if you used that once you would get close to the cost (including hassle) of hiring a trailer. Up to their premium service depending on your needs. Just make sure you are aware of where they tow it to depending on the service you get. I reckon it's worth it even if it just gets your bike off the road to somewhere secure.
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  7. This ones in Melb, dedicated tow truck for Bikes,
    Does an excellent job,
    The tray lowers to the ground, push the bike on, and tie it down,
    No damage to any thing,
  8. i remember seeing at the motorcycle expo a few months back a guy and a van who specialised in roadside assist for bikes. im not sure about the guys name, but his marketing revolved around here is my number, put it in your phone and call me when you crash.

    Im sure someone on here will have an idea, i think it had something to do with motorcycle ambulance or osmething like this.
  9. The number for that (134TOW )is Nationwide Towing and Transport http://www.nationwidetowing.com.au/
    and they claim:
    So, you'd get them for a RACV tow in Melbourne Metro and they'd be available 24/7 for direct calls in Melbourne Metro.
    They have a depot in Qld.
  10. When Mikkey had his gearbox stuff up on him,

    He rang RACV, Joined up at 11-00 PM Sunday Night, And they sent a RACV car with a trailer on it for the Bike,

    That was in Tawonga, And the RACV came from Bright,
    And it was pissing down with flooded roads,

    But this is for Vic,