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Bike Tolls announced

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Smitty, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. announced this morning
    in The Age 'Drive' section Page 5
    Motorcycles will be tolled on the new Mitcham Frankston Tollway
    at ½ the car rate (will be interesting as the car rate is currently $4.43 :D )
    how so???
    as reported...
    the operators will be having TWO sets of cameras
    facing forward and to the rear and therefore these can capture
    images of bike plates
    GREED cameras will also be installed to get those speeding

    but it was bound to happen I guess..tolling of bikes
    the holy $ speaks again

    I think the bunch of fg#*%n d**&head pollies we have
    in Spring St should be made to honour their election pledge
    and make it a FREEway...

  2. Whats the MRAA have to say about this?
  3. I've never minded taking the long way around! btw I didn't vote for them!
  4. Not really the right forum to ask that. Maybe you should try the MRAA forum :)
  5. I'll be rat-running up the Dande-Hastings Road once in Frankston. Stuff 'em, they aren't putting their hands in my pocket.
  6. Wait and see. If it was that easy and cost effective to duplicate toll camera's for a very minor percentage of it's users, don't you think CityLink would have done it by now.

    Whilst I totally agree with you feelings about government honouring promises, accepting federal money, etc. if the fwy is to have tolls, then it's really only fair that motorcyclists contribute like all other road users.
  7. Why two sets of cameras? Why not one set facing forwards to capture both types of vehicles?

    After all, where's the economic justification for installing duplicate cameras for what will amount to less than one percent of the traffic?
  8. What's there to say about it? As long as bikes are treated equitably, I don't think that the MRA's policy is against bikes being tolled.
  9. well i wont be speeding up there freeway if they want me to pay for the privalige of being fined :LOL:
    I will find another road to do it on :wink:
  10. The only reason that bikes aren't charged on CityLink is that they stuffed up on the technical side with forward facing cameras.

    No way the new bidder would make that mistake again :twisted:

    I agree with the earlier posting though, why two sets (unless it is to get front and rear shots of each vehicle for comparison, reduce risk of shot failure, inflate state underwritten costs)
  11. ...sack the committee? :LOL:
  12. The other mob you did vote for then introduced tolls on existing roads and then made the contracts so that people were "forced" onto the toll roads.
    This "tollway" is gonna be heaps cheaper for a trip than the current one and also there will be no provisions in the contract to narrow existing roads etc to force people onto them unlike what the other mob did.
    People are quick to jump on governments about broken promises but if you think about it when have you ever met an honest politician?
    Look at Little Johnny who already has said he can't fulfil his election promises.
    Like you said though We don't have to use the toll road if we don't want to.
    All a storm in a teacup imho.
    (we have been using citylink for a few years now and Not really fazed with paying toll when in the car.)
    Like Jason said We are road users and should contribute as well.
  13. Very easy answer to that one - trucks trailers and vehicle size. If the camera's are set to take photo's of the rear of a vehicle, when it goes under gantry without detecting a toll, when does the camera take a photo? If it take it immediately, the {semi-truck | car with caravan | car with trailer | etc} might not yet have it rear within the camera view. Additionally, if the camera's take a semi-trucks trailer registered to a camera, it would be a lot of processing by the trailer owner to find out which truck driver was carrying that trailer at that time on that day.
  14. I reckon they'll can it pretty quick, what with the turnover of non-waterproof e-tags on the handlebars...

    Whilst I believe motorbikes should pick up their fair share of road costs, I do NOT believe in tolls for -ANY- vehicle on the road. With a $500- rego for normal passenger vehicle, plus the MAMMOTH fuel excise - we're being charged ENOUGH already.

    If they must, maybe levy commercial vehicles a surcharge (the extra rego is what, $25? They could up that for a corporate/commercial vehicle), but leave the family commuters alone.
  15. If someone wanted to lobby against bikes being tolled, getting the environmentalists onto the cause would be the way to go (for extra leverage) - if the governement wants to be seen as promoting a "cleaner" environment, they should be encouraging "cleaner" modes of transport - they currently go so far as to push for Public transport, car pooling, and Pushbikes - add motorbikes to the list!
    Motorbikes consume less fuel (admittedly not in all cases) but
    Motorbikes reduce congestion... congestion = slower travelling speed = more fuel consumption = higher greenhouse gas emissions
  16. Rat runs are only taken in context when in a car. When you're on the bike, then it becomes an obstacle course O:)
  17. The problem with that argument is that if they where really interested in a log term
    greener environment they would plow more money into different fuel sources eg hydrogen problem is they make too much money from excise's at the moment. While I and many others would say agree with you, the current crop of pollies of all persuasions are interested in only what will win them the next election, Long term startegies are some elses problem :)
  18. ain't that the truth...
    and thats ½ the problem with our pollies.... :eek:
  19. Hi all

    Funny, I thought we had been told that front plates were needed for ID.
    Someone should tell Vic Roads that somone has invented a camera that faces forward. Shows what a load of crap we/public has been fed.

    As for protesting/lobbying etc. You might recall all the rides etc that were held ages ago. We even had a Liberal Polly ride with us. What happened? The Lib polly lost his seat. Bet he thinks a lot of us. Idea!!! Lets get a Labour polly to ride with us. We could get him chucked out eh?

    Brian (Traralgon - Red beemer)
  20. Re: Hi all

    Lets take them all for a ride and get them chucked out :)