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Bike to upgrade to in the future?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Danzotron, May 20, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    I was wondering if anyone could give some suggestions on what would be a decent 600 (or above) bike to upgrade to in the future? I have a few requirements though..

    I'd like it to look sporty
    Decent commuter (Nothing will ever compare to my ZZR250 so not expecting much)
    Have a bit of go but doesn't have to be some sort of rocket
    Maybe not too much of a gas guzzler, but this is low priority
    Something that is cheap(er) to maintain if possible.

    If anyone could give me a few suggestions, I'd really appreciate it.
  2. SV650s?

    The cbr600f4i will probably be the best performing of the lot, but the other two definately will be a bit quicker then a zzr250 and are great commuters.
  3. Would you consider a sports naked?

    I just upgraded from a 250VTR to a 900 Hornet. I personally(for my riding capabilities) found the upgrade sensible (not like upgrading from a 250 to a 1000 Fireblade, etc.) and seamless. The H9 is such and easy bike to ride, you can commute, as I do, but if you twist the throttle she boogies!
    Also loads of scope for aftermarket upgrades etc.

    I looked at a few bikes (sports naked) and kept on coming back to the H9, I personally couldn't get more bang for buck.
  4. New or used?
    +1 to those listed by frickendevil, could also add
    ZZR600 (used)
    GSX650F (new)
  5. For used bikes, the GSX750F is also a great commuter that fulfils all your criteria.
  6. Can i ask, and im not being a smart ass, but why would someone want to "upgrade" to an ER6F? Ive had my bike in for a replacement part for the last week and a bit and have been using Kawasakis loan bike. An ER6N. Not sure of the difference between the F and the N though.

    To me, the bike is not really an upgrade at all. The engine resembles a Janome Overlocker in the way it revs and all round, it isnt much of a difference from riding a 250. Sure its a bit bigger and heavier and admittedly, it does go "slightly" better than a 250 but its definitely not an "upgrade".

    Overall, after riding it for a week, it has been fun to ride. Its light enough to throw around and much more comfortable than the ZX10. Got just enough poke to overtake with and all round, it isnt a bad bike. But its far from great and further from an upgrade from a 250.

    My Mrs loves it cos it looks funky and as such wants to get her license now and get one of these. Im not really happy about her getting her license as she has the hand eye co-ordination a wicky-wacky-inflatable-flailing-arm-tube-man, but if she did get her license, i wouldnt mind if she got one of these. It really is a learners bike and not an upgrade.
  7. Not a member of PPs "everything smaller than 1000cc is shit" club by any chance? :p
  8. Thanks for the replies guys, if anyone has any more suggestions please keep them coming. So far I like the GSX the best. I would prefer to go new or close to.
  9. You mean they make bikes smaller than 1000cc?? I thought anything smaller than that was classified as a scooter....

    Seriously tho, ive ridden a few other 600cc bikes that all felt much much better than the ER6. I understand now why the service manager was laughing at me when i was riding off on it. :p

    Just saying that it really isnt an upgrade from a 250. Not enough of a difference apart from chassis size.

    Now if youll excuse me, i have this urge to go and sew myself a new jumper....
  11. don't let them put you off the er6. its a parallel twin and the engine characteristics are very different to in line 4s.
    it has useful power rather than just top end speed.
    (some people seem to confuse exhaust sound with power!)
    being as easy to ride as a 250 isn't a bad thing in many peoples book.
  12. Im not really a big fan of the ER6, asthetically that is. Thanks for your suggestion though. :)
  13. See im not sure of the difference in the F and the N. It is quite torquey though. Just doesnt rev. It seems to pull quite well from the line then she gets to about 5-6k rpm and just goes to sleep. So getting the front up wouldnt be an issue with the torque she has but she runs outta steam quite quickly after that.

    Dont get me wrong, its not a bad bike but if i had the choice between than and a 250cc (something like a gpx or zzr) as a commuter, id probably take the 250 when you weigh up the the extra insurance/rego/fuel cost of the ER6 vs the benefit of the slight extra power.

    All im getting at is that i dont think it is much of a jump from a 250 to that. I dont really consider it an upgrade as such. More so just a change. If you like the styling and would like a bit more torque than a 250 then go for it. It also has the advantage over a 250 for pillioning.
  14. Hmm - I suspect if your basis of comparison was a 250->ER6 step rather than a ZX10->ER6 one that you might feel the gap was a bit bigger. It's all relative.

    But I guess it's a moot point anyway if Danzotron hates it!
  15. I also liked the sv650, gsr600 and FZn but I have a weakness for kawis (and I like naked bikes). since I got mine the gsx650F has appeared and it looks good value.