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bike to get for L plater

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Anthony, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. now I understand that there is a new rule where you can get up to 660cc as a learner but it's all about power to weight ratio. I am interested in people's thought about which bike to get is good. I do have some requirement to narrow the choices down:

    1) want something that looks like a Aprillia 250 or CBR250, so no Harley, Triumph or the likes.
    2) must be fast / accelerate quick
    3) must be relatively light weight (I am only 62kg) to handle
    4) easy to ride (remember I am on my L)

    any suggestions???


  2. Mate

    I am just about to upgrade from a scooter too. been using my flatmates intruder 250.

    I reckon I will go VTR250. Also thinking Hyosung GT250R. I am 69k and the Hyosung feels quite big. Think the frame was meant for the 600 initially.

    Everyone here seems to think fairing may not be great in the beginning because of the extra weight and dropping.

    A lot of guys here have said that a lot of the CBR250s out there have been thrashed and are overpriced. What about a ZZR250 or the GT250R. They might suit you.
  3. ~if~ you're set on getting above a 250cc (LAMS approved of course) that looks like a cibby, there's not a great deal of choice. i'd say skip the hyosung GT250R and head straight to the 600. the only other option that comes to mind is the suzuki GS500F.

    good luck with it.
  4. Did someone mention the GS500F
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  6. LAMS (Learner Assisted Motorcycle Scheme) came into effect here in Adelaide on November 14. Restricted riders can still ride any 250's apart from the following:

    Suzuki RGV250
    Kawasaki KR250
    Honda NSR250
    Yamaha TZR250
    Aprilia RS250

    You can also ride certain bikes up to 660cc as long as the power to weight is not greater than 150 kw/t. The full list is available here:


    Hope this helps

  7. Hey theyre nice to ride I can vouch for that! And I only took yours around the block!

    Don't go past a GPX for a learner, looks the part, goes pretty decent, and skinny fairings mean if you drop it generally your gonna come off cheaper than any other faired ones...
  8. The RVF is a V4 :wink:
  9. I knew that :p , i thought i would just test you all :oops:
  10. get a spada mate 8)
    if i was gonna get a lams bike id probably get a duc monster or the hyosung 650
    rvf's are pretty expensive, do look the part though
  11. I totally agree with you guys. I already had a read up on the RVF400. Looks like it's a bit of a power house and does 13s down the 1/4 mile easily. But I also read that it isn't very good for the hills because it's heavy and it has poor lean angle. So really it's ok for straights.

    I essentially want something that is relatively light and easy to throw around. I live near the hills. :)

    I had a look at the CBR250 and quite like them, especially the 94 model which has a pointed tail. But all the other ones have good front but terrible tail. I just think the square tail with 2 round lights are very old school.

    The GT650L sounds pretty good from reports, but being a old school looking naked bike isn't my cup of tea. I really like the jap bike fairings.... I love stickers. :p

    GS500F certainly is recieving some good reviews and has good power, but I don't know enough about it.

    ZZR250 or the GT250R.... yeah they look good too.
  12. Having formerly owned a VFR400RR (the model before the RVF) I can quite honestly tell you that they corner very very very well.... I dont know who told you otherwise but they are very wrong... At the time I owned a CBR600F3 and the VFR400, and the VFR was better in the twisties by a long shot... I have also owned a GS500e (model before the F without the fairings, but Im pretty sure they are identical other than that) and there is no way the GS corners as well as the VFR...

    Ooh, look at me... I am ranting... sorry....
  13. the RVF i am thinking of has fairings.... not sure if that would make a difference in turns. In fact all the bikes I am interested in has fairings. Like I've said, I love stickers. :p
  14. have a look at ktm super motards LC4 SM 640

    punchy single cylinders i've heard are a blast in the suburbs!