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Bike to bike intercom whilst on a provisional license

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by James_Syd, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Hi all just wondering if it is illegal for a provisional rider to have a bike to bike intercom? I can't find anything on the RTA website.

  2. not that I know of. It wouldn't have come into the mind of legislators.
  3. Im on P's and use one. Hands free and ive had no issues with being pulled over for a few RBT traps. Hell i even use it with my phone since its bluetooth... dont see what the bigass deal is?
    Ive also used a CB radio based one (dont recommend it, crap), and had to press a button... surely thats more likely to be an issue then not pressing a button?
  4. agreed
  5. I just had a look through the riders handbook currently on the RTA website and can't see anything saying it is illegal. I guess use common sense if you get pulled over ie turn it off so that you can hear the police officer and are not asking him to repeat themselves as they may think your 'being smart' and get annoyed at you.
  6. I currently listen to my iPhone with the headphones and have been pulled over before however I stopped the music using the button which was hidden under a necksock and hence I could hear the officer, he didn't ask me to take off the helmet so I was fine... however I did just find on the RTA website the following:

    "From 1 July 2007, learner and provisional drivers and riders must not use a mobile phone while driving or riding.

    This includes phones in the hands-free mode or with loud speaker operating, sending or receiving SMS messages, playing games or any other function on your phone. "

    So I guess this answers it!! lol
  7. My brother got stung by the police for using the speakerphone on his P's, they could see him talking and pulled him over.

    When questioned, he said he was singing to the radio

    cop that cops!
  8. Hahaha good one nicko, he was thinking on the fly!
  9. Clever boy!!
    In a car, I can't see the difference between using a proper hands free, ie. hard wired, and talking to a passenger!
  10. yeah or listening to the radio but now, aparently handsfree and *speakerphone* is illegal in most states and will be illegal here too for P platers.

    And speakerphone in ya lap is illegal fullstop I believe?

    Its crazy, what is the difference between talking to a person sitting next to you and someone on speakerphone?

    hell the guy on the phone can't egg you on to do stupid S***! Unlike some simple minded friends.
    Yeah or the radio. I'd say the speaker setup in my car is a helluva lot more distracting at full tilt then a measly little phone!
  11. Actually, CB radio has an explicit exemption as far as the "not allowed to use mobile phones and other devices while driving" laws are concerned. Mobile phone bad, CB radio okay.
  12. Which is a huge croc really, but a necessary croc.
  13. Mmm, I disagree with that. They're both distractions, definitely, but CB and mobile phone are two very different animals in almost every way. Range/Line-of-sight, ubiquity, cadence (half-duplex vs full-duplex) and the rest. The exposure is totally different.

    But anyhow. :)
  14. Oh i dont mean the function they play (thats why i call it a necessary croc :p). I mean that its illegal to use a hands free kit with a mobile phone while driving, but you can use a cb radio you have to hold and (unless you can find a good VOX setting) press the button to transmit your message...
    But i suppose... a mobile phone is more distracting in its true form too. Pretty rare you get into a domestic over a CB repeater.
  15. Re talking on a handsfree kit vs talking to the passenger

    Talking to the passenger is safer because:
    1. You have two sets of eyes in the car, offsetting the distraction factor
    2. We tend to concentrate more on voices on a phone than we do on people sitting next to us (the audio is better when people are sitting next to us)
    3. There's less pressure to keep talking when traffic conditions change. When we are on the phone, we tend to try to keep the conversation going, with a person sitting next to us, we simply pause the conversation.

    At least, those are some of the hypotheses.
  16. The few calls ive had while on a bike i let them know straight away - more for the background noise and quality then anything. I even had a conference call once while riding :p. Was focused on what i was doing (riding...) and they were happy to give me time to answer questions (was a phone job interview) in my own time rather then call me back later :p.

    p.s. Didnt get the job :(.
  17. Not hypotheses mate...fact. Case in point. The missus...when she is next to me, I totally ignore her so my concentration is on the road 100% :bolt: