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Bike to Bike communications

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FormerUser3, May 26, 2005.

  1. Thinking of getting some bike to bike communication, does anyone have any recommendations or ideas of what the best to get is.

    Don't want to spend $1,000's
  2. I find the "bird" works extremely well
  3. I have to say will you pluck off....lol

    Good to catch up again. Like ya bike....
  4. Thats where i got my auto-com from plus they have the netrider discount to :D
  5. I have rang Time Plus Communications and spoke to some guy that wasn't too helpful, I had too ask him if I was wasting his time, didn't seem to interested.

    But if you tell me that they looked after you etc. might give them another try. The Autocom seems to be the best of the best.

    Also do you have bike to bike, and if so how do you find it?
  6. Go the bluetooth!!! Two way with bluetooth dongle :). Still reckon throat mics are the way to go for cystal reception, and I found my little (modified) sony speakers are the best for sound (can still hear music @ 180k's +)
  7. More info please Foxy, are the Autocom Bluetooth.
  8. No its something you have to improvise with, so far I have a sony erricson bluetooth microphone/MP3 player and sony speakers built into the helmet, so atm I can ride, listen to music and answer the phone......there are bluetooth dongles available that plug into two way radios but I havent got that far yet. Not sure how it would work with push to talk either.....Ultimately you would want one of these phones each http://www.twacomm.com/Catalog/Model_ELX500.htm?sid=W08GFUTGGLDS8M66HQQNV2FTV6VAAPUD That would make the total around $300 per person you would end up with Bike to Bike, Rider to Pillion, Phone and MP3 all wirelessly
  9. Hmm I'm thinking of trying out some of those cheep ($70 a pair) UHF two ways you can buy at dick smith... and building a throat micke for them... I ahve tried some thing once a VOX?? sustem and the problem was the wind noise interfearing with the micke...
  10. They did a good job when I was looking and they can get the headsets I posted above
  11. My wife and I have Chatterbox units that work comfortably up to 150km/h or so.. Bike to Bike range is described as 5kms or so and certainly in our experience they equal or exceed it..

    Very good quality sound and easy to use..

    Just my 2c..

  12. Just checked these out, whats the battery life like? And ehat model do you have? This is the standard http://www.fox-com.com.au/hjc-ms.php or do you have the http://www.fox-com.com.au/hjc-x2.php
    They seem very good the fact that all is in the one unit, no extra radio etc.