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Bike to bike Communication

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Seany, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. What do you have, do you like it and what's available?

    I don't have a blue tooth phone or anything fancy like that. What I'm after is some kind of 2 way radio so I can talk to Shelley when we're riding (range ~10km but I'd take less if I had too). I guess there's some helmet friendly headphone and mike set ups available but I don't know where to look.

    Any suggestions? :)

  2. Blueant, starcom are two that I can think of at the moment.

    I've looked into it (and still am) and seems you need to fork out about 500 for a single bike setup (thats with starcom) to get something 100% reliable and useable for pillion to pillion, pillion to rider, etc.

    Thats way more than I'm looking to spend, so I'm going to trial and error try to find from dick smith or similar that can work in a helmet. Basically I'll be buying one, trying it, if it doesn't work - taking back and moving onto next one, etc. I'll let you know how it goes.
  3. Also Scala-Rider do an intercom version as well as the standard one that I have.. I can recommend Scala, they're really clear. I can show you mine at Saturday coffee if you're there?
  4. seany try the camos600 model....bluetooth features, stereo setup.....i am just about to order mine, so you can come and check it out when i get it.

    There is also another one, basic unit retails for about 1200 thne another 500 or so for the add on extra of allowing you to hook it up to a uhf radio. Looks pretty flashy too, as it's a pad that sticks onto the back of the helmet (matrix style)

    cheers stewy
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  6. Bike to bike - two blueant interphones. <$350 from the US.

    Not stereo.

    I'm in the market myself.

  7. check out the camos set, rob, i compared them both, and believe that the camos600 does the same job + stereo for only 200 :wink:
  8. Autocom from Bluerim is another affordable option. Bahr is a bit over priced.

    Be aware any bluetooth<->bluetooth only is short range (maybe 25m) only.
  9. I have the Scala rider FM, and I'll have to say this Camos one looks like it Smeg loads better.
    If I could get it past teh minister for finance I would be upgrading to this.
  10. yeah i am running a scala atm, it's great just doesn't have the stereo, but works fine in mono :oops: but yeah i spent ages looking around, for something but my requirement was it must have bike to bike and stereo also must be free of leads (ie. not attached to the bike if something goes wrong) and this was the best i could find at a reasonable price
  11. The Scala FM Has two speakers, you can't do sterio because it isn't supported, but, if you have a windows mobile based phone/pda you can chanel mix, and then it plays teh mixed chanel to both speakers. not ideal but better than a kick in the head.

    But proper A2DP support the Camos looks like a much better bet. No hacks it should just work.
  12. I think Seany isn't after a rider/pillion intercom set, which is essentially what most of those bluetooth options listed are. Bluetooth bike to bike is going to be worthless unless you are riding beside each other. A two way or UHF CB radio rig is what he's after as he's talking about bike to bike comms over a large distance.

    There's a number of them being flogged on the online auction sites - Can't say I've tested any, but they are essentially handheld CB radios paired with a helmet headset. This would give you what you are after and a range of 5-8kms or so supposedly.

    A quick search pulled up this one - at $100 bucks per set it may be worth getting a couple and trying them out.
  13. I've tried a few of these budget ones and they're crap. The VOX doesn't work, these systems dont work when you're a metre away from the person with the bikes idling, stopped, let alone at speed or distance. You get what you pay for in this area, I'm working to find a package thats cheap AND that works - but that will take a while I think.
  14. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if a $100 package was craptacular, but I'm sure there are better options out there - the bluetooth suggestions however aren't going to do what he wants.

    Now this would be the bees knees but would set you back a whole lot of money :LOL:

    I'm sure there must be something worthwhile out there that doesn't cost a packet :)
  15. Where are you getting these from Stewy?

    Grey Gentry, for whatever reason, the Scala rider has a 25m BT range, but the BlueAnt interphones have a 150m BT range.
  16. ah yeah these are directed more towards rider pillion
  17. I know two riding couples with BlueAnt interphones and the BT works fine for set to set communication within the range (~150m)

    The sets aren't trying to be CB type comms over great distances.

    To do that, you BT the set to your mobile and then technically, the world is your potential oyster.

    I'm going to have a look at whether the Camos thing Stewy seems enamoured with is a worthwhile alternative. Thankd for the tip Stewy. :)
  18. I have that functionality on my bike - my Tomtom GPS pairs to my phone and I have a helmet headset - and theoretically thats all well and good, but you're limited by the availability of mobile service. Not ideal for touring, but in the city it works fine. Spending two weeks touring Tassie I only had reception in the three major cities. We actually talked about on the tour how useful a CB radio set up would be, so I'd be interested in seeing a decent option as well that people know works well. :)
  19. Starcom . >>$500 for a basic unit. Not wireless. Well respected gear though. They often advertise in the back of AMCN... check them out.
  20. Thanks mate. Yeah seen them advertised quite a bit. :)

    Couple of questions though - this isn't a self contained unit, you have to buy a handheld UHF to hook into it, and the main site shows Bluetooth kits are extras as well - is there any actual benefit in buying one other than it having multiple inputs to run various bits of equipment through? I understand it will enable you to hook in two headsets so you can have an intercom between rider and pillion, but anything else appears to be extra $$$. If you're after simply a UHF comms system between bikes, surely it would be cheaper to buy a handheld unit, and couple it with one of the motorbike helmet speaker/mike sets you can buy from various places? At $375 for the basic Starcom unit, you then have to pay extra for the UHF radio ($190) and then you've got to consider the second rider. Seems fairly pricey if all you are after is two way bike to bike comms :?