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Bike thieves on the prowl in Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kaer, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Unsure if true or not. Also unsure if going to the cops will do anything. Info come from another forum.

  2. I know the spot ,i ride past it all the time and there is 30+ bike for them to pick from .
    It's like a supermarket for a thief.
  3. BE AWARE...

    This popped up on another list...
    ..may be an over reaction..but you never know...

    > This was posted on a defence bulletin board today:
    > Just a heads-up guys n gals - from a friend in Sydney - Was parking in the
    > Sydney CBD yesterday (Sussex Street, near the construction work) and on my
    > way back to the bike was stopped by one of the construction workers. He told
    > me that they had seen a couple of guys in a van stop, get out, and check out
    > all the parked bikes. The guys took off when they saw the construction guys
    > writing down their number plate. They also said it's not the first time
    > they've seen the guys, either. They described the vehicle as a plain white
    > econovan or similar, with numberplate TCT-959. Just a warning to everyone
    > who parks in the Sydney CBD, keep your bike locked. If these guys are
    > planning on pushing bikes into a van, even a steering lock is better than
    > nothing, but a disc lock or best of all, some sort of lock that will lock
    > your bike to a post or your mates bike or something.
    > (I'm just passing the message - don't shoot me!)
  4. Ok.. :oops:..back under me rock...
  5. no harm in letting everyone know again.
  6. Yeah I know the area...down by the Erskine Rd bike park, its the largest in Sydney CBD and I some times park there :?

    thanks for the heads up as I had not seen the other post ;)
  7. best advise if u catch a thief stealing your bike
    promtly grap the theif, stuff them into the boot of ur car, then post a note on netrider that u have a thief at home ready for a beating
  8. Ended up those scum did manage to get away with stealing a bike

  9. Bastards. Has the rego been passed on to the cops?? Or a description on the guys who were checking out the bikes?? Someone should leave digi camera with the construction workers so they can take a pic of the gyus turn up again.

    let me guess, the bike stolen was an R1??