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Bike thieves in the U.K. escape by not wearing helmets

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MrFerret, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. If they fall off a better approach would be to cap them in the head if they're still alive, to prevent the chance of being sued by them.

    That'd get my vote.

  2. Hehehe ... touche :LOL:
  3. its a bit like the fact you can be sued and lose if a robber falls and hurts himself in your house, or you snap him one in the head cause he is robbing your house.

    it is disgusting, and i hope the cops actually made a real effort to track down the scoot.. doubt it though

    It's bound to happen anyways. :p
  5. people already do Andy... we live in a society where people want money for nothing :roll: They'll sue for any reason... and it pi$$es me off that a robber can sue if they injure themselves robbing your house... they still get charged with burglary but somehow can still sue you, it's a very fcuked up world we live in 2day!!

    My uncle caught a guy in the act of robbing his house a few years back and apparently used unreasonable force when he fought with the guy and detained him until police arrived... the robber got away with a slap on the wrists for the attempted burglary but was able to sue my uncle... WTF :shock: what would you consider reasonable when some guy is armed and robbing your house when you have a wife and kids in the house?? I'd beat the b@stard senseless :twisted:
  6. That’s it ...I’m suing you for using nothing but capitals on the 1st line and it hurt my eyes
  7. I'm suing this thread for wasting my time.
  8. Couldn't the bloke that lost the bike sue the cops as well for being incompotent? If the cops want to play that game, then game on!!
  9. game on m0les... :p

    Pitty he didn't stack like that d#@$head in Geelong that went past cops without a helmet and up the road came off and ended up about 80m from the bike... the cops there didn't give chase and he stacked on his own accord... tool :twisted:
  10. Well.. I'll sue you! :p

    Actually I'd counter-sue the robber for robbing my house and making me use unreasonable force on him because he struggled and didn't let me know how much force I should have used before he gave up.

    I don't know but if I caught a robber in my house, I'd prolly have to get the death penalty if they found out that he ever attempted to get into my house. Coz I can tell you he'd be a missing person. :p

    Or, I can just release him and sue him, which is probably what we're going to have to do in 10 year's time, sue people for anything.

    Hey.. I wonder if we can sue the sun for not shining out there today.. I do have to ride out...
  11. Well.. I'm counter-suing you for not putting a disclaimer and letting me know that capitals on the 1st line hurts your eyes!
  12. You can still sue even when a disclaimer has been given!! :twisted:
  13. Now you add this story to the anti-hoon laws.

    You'll end up with a lot of hoons riding around without helmets, stealing bikes, pulling wheelies, and the cops sitting back having a donut and coffee giving them marks out of 10 for originallity and composition.
  14. Back in Ireland, I heard of a burgular that sued a home owner because he cut himself badly on the glass of the window that he broke in order to gain access to a house to nick stuff. Justice and the law are not the same thing.
  15. As soon as 1 insurance company without morals figures out it's cheaper to pay a hitman than go to court OR settle, things will calm down a bit.
  16. I pity anyone who tries to break in to my place. My partner and I have a pair of 420 steel swords (sharp) and have a clue about using them.

    It wouldn't be my first stop, though. I was taught how to use daggers florentine style (using two of them, basically), and was good at it. So my first stop would be the kitchen for one of my kitchen knives. :twisted:
  17. In fact there have been cases where the clament has been awarded a greater amount because a warning sign was considered that it meant a property owner was aware of the risk and hadn't mitigated it.
  18. what a joke. helmet or no helmet he commited the crime and fled from police if he/she stacks and cracks open a skull, lesson learnt.
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