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Bike thief killed by owner

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by linerunner, Dec 26, 2006.

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  1. I just saw on the news this story of a "man who did naughty things, but had a big heart" who stole some other guys motorcyle. He was killed when the owner of the motorcycle ran him over in his car (while he was on the stolen bike, no less).

    They're gonna charge the owner with murder. Personally, I think that charge is bullshit. This country doesnt seem to give a f*ck about stolen motorcycles (or crime in general from what Ive seen, just revenue), and so when someone takes the matter into thier own (admittadly excessive) hands, I dont think its 'right' or 'fair' to throw the book at them, which is what it looks like will happen.

    The story made me so mad I had to say something. Yeah, it sucks that a man (a father no less) has died, but, to a degree, didnt he get what he deserved? What happened to social responsibility? You cant be known as "a man who did naughty things" (by your own mother no less), and expect the consequences to never catch up with you.

    Maybe Im being blinded by the thought of my own bike getting nicked, but, did the thief really expect the owner to *not* want to cause him harm?

  2. I think your anger is a little premature: charging with murder is what they have to do, really. It's pretty obvious that's what's happened. What is of real interest is the sentence at the end, if/when he's convicted. That's when leniency should be shown due the mitigating circumstances.

    I wouldn't worry yourself - when using a car as a weapon to kill, you usually just get a slap on the wrist anyway, regardless of motivation. If he pleads a lapse in concentration, he might just get off with a $750 fine, and even keep his license! :p
  3. Deserved?
    So.. If someone steals a bike, they 'deserve' to die?

    You're a knob.

    If my bike was stolen and I was giving chase in a car, I wouldn't attempt to knock him off the bike and/or kill him. Not only is it murder, it's wrong.

    The bloke who got his bike stolen was a tosser.
  4. police do something that solicitors call "giving you a hamburger with the lot". that is the biggest charge possible to give to you, they will give to you, in order to allow you to plead out and/or possibly accept a lesser charge and punishment. the reason for this is it cuts out paperwork and court time by telling you that you have the worst option, and they have space to offer you a better one. makes it tempting for the accused/charged, and although slightly drawn out in it's process, saves the goverment time and money eventually.
  5. I can understand how you feel, but taking the law into your own hands is obviously not the way to go.

    In an ideal world calling the coppers and letting them deal with a stolen bike issue so that the bike thief is faced with the consequences is a lot less likely to get you "inside" for murder, I would have thought.

    I know it's not an ideal world, but calling the coppers is still the best option IMHO. Then calling your insurance co.
  6. The lady who shot the armed robber in cold blood was charged with murder too, but there wasn't a jury in the land that would have convicted her...

    That said, the guy appears to have used his car deliberately to kill another person, and that's going to be harder to beat, IMHO...
  7. I disagree. Murder is murder, being the intent to kill someone, and succeeding in doing so.

    No matter how justified someone may think that murder is, if everyone decided that some grievance justified murder then we'd have total anarchy in our society, where anyone who felt offended by someone else could then kill that person.

    I'm not saying that I don't understand why the owner wanted to kill the thief, heck, when someone stole my motorbike (9 years ago) I surely felt pretty damn angry about it and wished very ill will towards the thieves. If they had died I would've celebrated the event, but I wouldn't have taken their lives by my own hand. That is murder, and that is a very dark slope to head down.
  8. What would you do then? Get his rego?
  9. I'm not sure of the exact details of what happened, and I don't condone it if the guy was deliberately run down, but maybe if the police showed the slightest bit of interest investigating stolen vehicles things like this wouldn't happen.
    I have had my car stolen once, and broken into countless times and its hard enough to get the police to even take a report, let alone actually do anything constructive. I got to the point where I was getting so frustrated at having my stuff stolen every few weeks that if I had caught the people in the act I probably would've done something similar.
    Maybe if more manpower was dedicated to investigating real crimes, and less wasted on revenue raising exercises people wouldn't feel forced into taking matters into their own hands
  10. One less bike thief in the world is a good thing, however the jail time and a smashed bike is sad for the bikes owner.
  11. Maybe that's why they're investing in more and more speed cameras?

  12. Saw on the news before that the driver/bike owner has been released without charge. That's not to say they won't charge him down the track. They are trying to find witnesses at the moment. We don't know what happened, for all we know he may have been chasing/following the rider and the rider fell off and got run over unintentionally.

    My opinion, I couldn't justify deliberately running over and killing someone for stealing my bike. As much as I hate thieves (can't stand the parasites), that's going too far. However, I also know that if i saw someone taking off on my bike, calling the police would be a total waste of time as my bike would be looooong gone by the time I talked to them, (if they even wanted to hear about it), and so it would be hard not to take off after them.

    Made me quite annoyed to see how they played it up on the news - the dead guy was a great son, he had a huge heart, blah blah blah. If the story is as I understand it, he was a freaking thief and while he didn't deserve to die, he is no loss to society.
  13. They used to hang horse thieves.
  14. yeah while i would not hit them off the road, i would be tempeted to encourage them to ride beyond thier skills. If they're stupid enough to steal a bike, i'm sure the stupid engouh to kill them selves in the process.

    or at least cut off there hands.. for stealing mabey ship them of to a far away country too... it has all been done before
  15. Emphasis on "used to"!

    As usual the NR jury is passing down judgement before all the evidence has been presented. Police are calling for witnesses.

    What if the guy accidentally ran the guy over while pursuing him?
    What if the guy who stole the bike was owed loads of money by the bike owner who was not paying?
    What if.............
    what if......................

    There are way too many possible scenarios in which this tragedy could have unfolded, none, I'm sure though, deserve a life lost over possession of a motorcycle!
  16. Tell that to his kids! :(
  17. What a fcuking Nutcase! :shock: Of all the stupid, idiotic, fcuked up things to do! :shock: :shock: :shock:

    His insurance company is going to freak out big time when he explains he crashed his car into his own bike! :shock: :shock: :shock: Even if they do insure him again his premiums will go through the roof!

    Would it be just one claim on the cars insurance to pay for both?
  18. I dont reckon the dude intended to kill the THIEF. He prolly was just chasing him and the dude on the bike freaked out and was too busy checking the mirrors to see where the car was and stuffed up and the dude hit him. I dont think it was intent to kill which is what has to be proven to convict him for MURDER. In my opinion I'd say worst case he,ll get a manslaughter rap but minimal (if any) penalty.

    If someone flogged my bike I'd chase them too! I wouldnt try and kill them because if you hit them you,re gonna roger your bike aswell and then the whole point of chasing them is lost?

    I guess we,ll see what happens. Prolly wont hear anything about it again
  19. It was his responsibility to be around for his kids, stealing someone’s ride wasn't exactly going to help him get a father of the year award.
    Bike thieves and bleeding hearts – I don’t know which I detest more.
  20. As I said earlier, when we know all the facts let us all judge the dude, until then it a tragedy, especially for his family.
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