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Bike thief karma? Police had thief!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Was told of the following story today...

    Approx 3 weeks ago, an R1 rider had his bike stolen in the morning from where it was parked in the underground carpark of his Melbourne CBD workplace. (Unlucky, because this is the 2nd R1 this guy has had stolen in ~3 yrs). Later that evening, he got a call from the police saying his bike had been found, albeit crashed (and written off). The thief was riding the bike and got t-boned by a car! (the karma part! ... no pity for a thief)

    The police arrived before an ambulance (the rider/thief wasn't too bad) and questioned the rider/thief and took notes and recorded license details. Then the officer went to talk to the car driver. Whilst doing so, the rider/thief took off on foot. Once the officer realised the rider/thief couldn't be seen or found. A subsequent license and rego check revealed the bikes stolen status and that the rider/thief was wanted in relation to a number of thefts and had numerous warrants for his arrest.

    Now I wonder if the owner of the bike was able to change the insurance claim from an at-fault stolen one, to a not at fault car driver smashed bike claim? And if not (as would be likely), would the insurance company 'double-dip' and try to claim costs from the car driver for smashing the bike? Hmmm.....
  2. For the truly cynical, the insurance company would likely say that the owner's insurance claim for the stolen bike is now void because the bike was recovered, and although it is now smashed, that's not the insurance company's problem because the rider was not nominated on the policy.

    The car's insurance company will decline to pay up as well, because the bike wasn't registered any longer, having been deregistered due to the theft report.
  3. For my insurer, WQBE, this just means an extra $500 is added to the excess
  5. I'd assume they would still treat it as a stolen bike claim, recovered, written off, pay the guy the bike's value.. THEN sue the car driver for the costs.

    Then again WHO knows with these Insurance Companies :roll:
  6. Yep, MG, that's how I understand it to be.
  7. Once again MG (alias the Insurance King) nails it...

    I really must speak to you about putting me out of business MG... :evil:
  8. The police won't hesitate to charge the thief and the car driver, so why should the insurance company be any different.

    But what I want to know is the end of the story - did they get the guy? Otherwise he may be out there ready to take my pleasure away.