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Bike Thief in Melbourne....BEWARE!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2_wheeled_commuter, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. I love my bike, really really love it.

    Last week however something has happened to make me both angry and which has taken away much of my respect for fellow man.

    I Often leave my bike parked in the city, either at RMIT or on Queen St where I work. Last week we had an easter BBQ at work so I parked to bike with all the other boys toys in it's usual spot out the front. We had the garage door up and people where everywhere.

    I did the mandatory checking out of others bikes and showing off of mine. Then when the missus arrived went inside to grab a beer.

    half an hr later or so we had to go so put the kiddies in the car and proceeded to leave. On the way out I noticed a replica harley I had not seen before and saw another rider with helmet on around the corner, I nodded but he didn't return the gesture...strange. I rode off and the other half followed in the car. Coming down dudley st I realised I needed petrol so pulled up at the lights to tell the missus, then boosted off to the shell at the bottom of the westgate. It was there I noticed someone had cut through the top triple clamp with a pair of bolt cutters (I assume) and started to pry the ignition barrel out...I didn't notice when I got on due to the hurry and watching others.

    The bike needs a new ignotion and top triplw clamp, and If I hadn't interrupted the guy I wouldnt have my beloved Daytona anymore.

    Missus says she saw the harley rider (she thought imitation bike) who appeared to be followin me till i gave it a squirt
    :evil: No Chane He could have followed me that day.

    Maybe If I had a disc lock on they wouldn't have targeted my bike alone, out of the other bike: new R1, Older Daytona, Monster, VTR...etc etc

    Still wanna catch him at it though... :twisted:

  2. That sucks big time, but a disk lock is cheap insurance. So is riding a Hyosung :LOL:
  3. There a number of bikes being stolen from around south melbourne at the moment.
  4. I'm still in shock after hearing there's a bike thief in Melbourne. :shock:
  5. Say it isn't true?
  6. Hard to believe, but its true. Be on the lookout for a guy....on a bike....probably shifty lookin'.
  7. I think I might have seen him, someone knocked my mirror out and well... scary.
  8. Sounds familiar........

    :LOL: :LOL: :p :p
  9. I just went down the local cop shop and told the sergeant on duty. He asked me if I could be anymore vague with that description.

    I told him I'd check with you, 2_wheeled_commuter. Surely there's something else you don't know about this bike thief?
  10. OK I suppose I deserved it after that description but he was in bike gear with visor down. The point was not the description but that there is someone operating around Melbourne and they only need a couple of minutes to get a steering lock off. I am awaiting police reports after pulling several tapes of the area off road cameras. In case you aren't aware a triple clamp is worth over $500 in aust...
  11. [Rant on]What is it with you people??? Maybe 2_wheeled_commuter just wanted to vent and get some support from his fellow Netriders. Once upon a time Netrider was like a country town where everyone was nice and helpful and everyone spoke to one another. Now it's like a suburb where everyone wants to biatch and moan about what someone else has to say. It's people like this who have started to ruin what was once a great forum.
    Pull your fcuking heads in!!![Rant off]
  12. He said shifty looking. Not shitty looking. :p :LOL:

  13. Actually I'd say your response is what is ruining a once great forum. If you can't understand a joke, which other people here seemed to understand, then might I suggest you go back to reading the dictionary, or whatever else your type reads.
    He wasn't beaten to death, nor was his bike stolen, so rather than a pity party I'd rather congratulate him and take the piss in that great Aussie tradition.
    Lighten up, I only wanted to see him smile.
  14. Now we're getting back to original NR style posts... :LOL:
  15. This joke is getting tired. When will people STOP posting pictures of Loz's naked arse?
  16. That sucks. It makes you feel really low that someone else would do such a thing to you. :cry:
  17. It sucks that some ass-hat would try and gank you.

    It's a real shame that there isn't some sort of system for indicating if you want your bike stolen or not.

    Ie. I've had my bike for 3 years, it's insured for more than it's trade in value, I fold my mirrors in so that Mr Thief knows I would be ok for the transaction to take place.... presto! new bike on the way from insurance money /cheer!

  18. You need to add a smiley face when you say things like that, otherwise come insurance paying time you're going to get knifed by someone here :LOL:
  19. But that's what I thought your avatar was... :shock: