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Bike thefts spike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by OG, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Myself including a large number of other forum members have had their bikes stolen in Vic recently (past 3-4months).

    Other than the below forum on this site I know of 5 other people that have their bike stolen in the past 3 months


    I would highly suggest everyone keep an eye out , these guys are not just going after high end bikes , basically anything that is not physically locked into a garage or wheel locked to a pole are getting ripped off.

    I have a new bike now and have one of these alarms installed which I'm using in combination with a wheel lock to a light pole at work and the garage at home

    Just want everyone to be aware and keep an eye out , hope these dog's get caught

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  2. Hope they catch these pricks. All my vehicles are way over insured so I don't really live in fear about my bike getting stolen
  3. Not good.

    I keep mine locked in a garage, chained to the ground and I don't keep the keys for the bike or the remote for the garage at home.

    if they're going to steal my bike I'm going to make them work for it.
  4. Disgusting. I've ordered a few bits this week mainly to improve security when I'm parked out somewhere.

    Had my car randomly vandalised a few months ago, over $5k damage, had to lodge at-fault insurance claim cos didn't know who did it, cops got a blood sample (asshole appeared to have cut himself while breaking the windows and got blood on car) but said it takes over a year to process and is only useful if he's already on their database...

    Since that incident I've basically lost faith in humanity and am starting to be ultra-vigilant about security...too many scumbags around these days. :(
  5. Be careful if he is found he might sue you for cutting his arm.
  6. GPs tracking on a few bikes and track to where they take the bikes, then pay a visit with some bits of lumber.
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  7. The local paper (Waverley Leader) reports that ten motorcycles have been stolen in the City of Monash in the last two weeks. Most bikes were stolen at night.