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Bike thefts Melbourne outer west.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I'm Simon, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. My neighbour's wife came home the other day to find 2 guys in their garage about to take off with his dirt bikes. They had climbed up on his garbage bins next to the garage, scaled along the top of the fence beside the garage and then dropped over the fence into his backyard. They then smashed the window at the rear of his garage and were actually in the garage when his wife came home. There were 2 bikes outside, one of the bikes had a rider sitting on it and from the description sounded like a WR250, the other bike was smaller, possibly a 125 or even an 80.

    His wife entered the house through the front door not knowing there were people in the garage, it wasn't until she heard the dog barking that she went outside to investigate (dog was coralled in the back part of the yard). The thieves did a runner through the front of the garage and took off, one on the smaller bike and 2 up on the bigger bike.

    Police were called and interviewed neighbours etc, the neighbour across the street had seen the bikes and 1 rider outside the house but didn't think anything of it because they often see bikes out the front of my neighbours house.

    The police told my neighbour that from the descriptions given to them they are looking for the same people that could be responsible for over 30 bike thefts over the last 2 - 3 months in the Hoppers Crossing, Werribee and Laverton area. They usually arrive 2 up on the "WR", pillion hops off and knocks off the bike and they usually take off together, the cop said that "these guys know what they are doing".

    A couple of bikes fitting that description have been seen riding around the east side of Skeleton Creek near the newer estates off Sayers Rd.

    30 bikes in 2 months - keep your bikes locked up people.
  2. mmm, scum of the earth.

    This is from another forum, and happened in a different state...

    Remember to look after your gear, and others as well. If it looks sus, take some notes and report it.
  3. fark! ill be keeping my eye out for this one. there are a few bikes generally around my area, and i know most of them.. pieces of shit like the ones doing this stuff to others posessions deserve to have the nuts removed with a blunt rusty knife.
  4. we've got a ridgeback & a german shepherd.
    awesome dogs, perfect guard dogs, great temperament & loyal companions.

    the shepherd is hyperactive
    the ridgeback likes to bathe in the sun

    but if our home is threatened (and we did have someone try to break in once) i could not ask for two better defenders.
  5. [​IMG]

    The little ones are the burglar alarms. They go off often for no reason too :LOL: :LOL:

    The black one is the theft deterrant and law enforcer.

    The girl is the boss. LOL

  6. Thats horrible, I cant see someone getting off like that, sueing for damages while braking in its his own bloody fault.
  7. Theives or their relatives can only sue for damages if they hurt themselves, IF the body is found :wink:

    Bike thieves of now should be treated like horse thieves of the past, HANG THEM :evil:
  8. He'd only need 1 rider on a jury for him to get off.

    The way my house is set up, if I caught someone in the process of stealing my bike, all I have to do is apply the brakes 2 seconds later than normal to introduce them and my bike to my bullbar.

    I'd rather have to fix my bike up than let a f***ing abortion dodger get away with thieving it.
  9. If a thief comes on your property, or any other person for that matter & injures
    themselves & you are found to have been responsible or partly thereof, then
    you are legally liable.

    If its someone who had no permission to be on your property eg. thief, then
    they should/will get charged accordingly. But that is a seperate issue to your

    I'm certain cases have been in the media where offenders have successfully
    sued for damages whilst trying to knock off shit. One way or another, these
    turds are going to get money off ya. :evil:

    May not seem right, but then again there are alotta cases where the law says
    its legal but we all know its not morally right eg. f*ckwit pollies who line their
    pockets with our money etc etc.
  10. well we should all know by now its not the crims fault they have to steal i'm sure we've all heard the excuse "its not their fault because they can't / someone did / abused by...................." so we might as well look after them while they steal all our stuff because they can't really help it / we can't afford to be sued. :jerk:
    So how do we avoid being sued?
    beat the shit out of them with a medium sized spanner/wrench or maybe a hammer. Then wen they are unconscius put a baseball bat/pipe etc keeping in mind their weapon must be at LEAST the size of urs bigger is better(preferably not one that u own) in their hands. make sure any witnesses are on your side and claim self defense. :demon:
    disclaimer: This is not to be taken as legal/lawful advice.
  11. The only law I really agree with from the good ol USA is if you jump in someone back yard, get mauled its your own fault.

    If you shoot a tresspasser, in most states its not frowned upon.

    Stupid laws here
  12. Yeah a bloke that works with my friend had his bike stolen while he was out, Werribee once again. They drove a van into his driveway, past the two front units & took off with his bike & gear.

    It was also a dirt bike, about three weeks ago.
  13. My olds have my dog, pink nose.... Bull terrier ;-)


    I accidently kicked him in the head instead of the ball (used to play soccer so was harder then an average persons kick) and he didnt even flinch!

    My X's dog was great! Every time he got out of the yard she would bark a certain bark. Look out the window to see him doing the bolt, tap on the glass and he would come back. But was still being trained so one of us had to get up and put him back in.

    She has a kelpie cross. I miss her dog but not her ](*,) Her dog was probably smater then she was. Great guard dog but wouldnt do anything once you jumped the fence- totally opposite to my dog in that respect. He acts first, doesnt think which is typical of his breed
  14. That's what our baby is....best guard dog I've ever had, and now she has her big teeth, I'm careful when playing with her. She gets a little exuberant sometimes!!!!
  15. I dont support the idea of summary justice (although clearly if someone has broken in you can reasonably assume that they dont intend you warm and fuzzy welbeing) but the idea of being sued because you failed to create a safe environment to burgle from is ridiculous.

    A friend of mine used to work for a bank and told me of a case where a branch was being held up. A gunman entered the bank and tried to jump the counter as the security screens went up. He almost made it and was pinned against the ceiling. He had dropped the gun and a tense time was had as he screamed at staff to let him down (which they are not supposed to do until the police arrive). He sued the bank (something along the lines of 'cruel and unusual punishment') for over $300k. Had he made it over the counter (hopefully without going on a killing spree) there was only about $110k in the branch at the time anyway.
  16. Wait for it.

    Soon security guards and police will be taught KILL instead of WOUND.
    I guarantee you.

    Hell, I'm waiting for companies in the states to realise that a hitman is cheaper than a settlement OR a court-case no matter who wins.