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Bike Tacho/speedo servicing and rebuilding

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by CraigA, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Just wondering if anyone can help me.

    I have recently purchased a 2002 Honda CRE500 which I am in the process of tidying up, putting back to standard and getting it registered. This means having to buy some spares and also get a few things serviced and working again such as the speedo.

    My local Honda dealer isn't much help I am afraid. In fact no one behind the spares counter has even heard of the CRE 500, probably because they were trying to pass year 7 when the bike was sitting in the showroom. Luckily most of the parts are interchangeable with a CR500, but things like the sidestand and the speedo aren't, as they weren't fitted to the motocross version of the bike.

    One of the things that I want to get done is to have the original speedo rebuilt and working. As these were only made in limited numbers and are no longer available new ( at least I dont think they are), I would like to have someone do the old one up for me. Does anyone know of a reputable instrument rebuilder who could do this type of thing?
  2. Thanks mate. Will give them a try.
  3. i suspect like the "wrf250" that the name your calling it doesnt exist, its a common misconseption of the name (or purposeful to diferentiate easier) - its a wr250f.

    in all the reviews and offical info ive read on this bike, they call it an cr500e

    i would bet that the speedo is off an xr, not sure on the stand though,
    but the idea was to road register them to get the old stock out the door. (thus australia only) so i doubt they would spend much money to develop anything new, or put on expensive one-off items
  4. Doesn't exist?

    Sorry but you have suspected wrong!

    I don't want to come off as being a smart ass, but I'm here asking for advice on where to get original one built, not to get told I don't even know what the correct model designation my bike is and that I should throw an XR one on it!.

    The ADR compliance plate that the manufacturer has attached to the bike lists the model as the CRE500 so that is the correct name for it despite what you may have read in a magazine or on the internet. It is surely what the manufacturer would call it, as they called it that when it was ADR complied! In other wordds it is the CR500E model designation at doesn't exist.

    It is a common missconception that you have made. So common in fact I gave both versions of the model designation to the spare parts counter jockeys at my Honda dealer and they hadn't heard of either. They actually thought I was talking about a CR500RE, until I explained that one to them.

    I don't really care what a bunch of journos want to call it. You can call an R1 an R1 but guess what Yamaha have it listed as on their system? And do you think Suzuki have a GSX-R 1000 listed as a gixxer 1K?

    As for the XR speedo thing, I have already tried that. They aren't even close. The speedo on the CRE is a small ( probably 65mm in diam) round gauge with CRE writen on the face, while the XR speedo of the same era is a much larger rectangular unit.