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bike swap:newcastle (sounds ridiculous!)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zzr_chick, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. ok, i know this sounds a bit odd, but i need to borrow a POS or similar (learner legal) with a better turning circle than a zzr to go for my p's test on in a couple of weeks (i havent rebooked yet cause i dont know if i need to hire a bike or not).

    i live in newcastle area, and am willing to swap for 2-3 days max. or pay. i just want enough time to get used to bike before i do my test on it.

    the Ride It Right place at adamstown hire out some uncomfortable looking things that i havent heard of before, Daelim or something? no cb250's anymore cause that was Wheel Skills and they lost the contract :cry:

    if you can help me out or know anyone that can help me out in the newcastle area that would be appreciated. if not, i will have to deal with the hire bikes and stop being a sook :oops: , just thought i would ask first :grin:

    pm me if needed
    cat :p
  2. If you'd asked a month ago, I could have lent you the old Z, then you would have passed WITH STYLE!

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. :grin: no worries! thanks anyway andrew :cool:

  4. I would lend you my lil V-Star, but I also am unsure that it will turn in the 6.1m or whatever it is you need to pass. I am soon due to go for the P's test, but did not know of the change of ownership at Adamstown. I did my L's there about 3 months ago on the cb250. So I suppose I'd better scrub up on my slow riding skills and see if the 'star' does the turn(I havn't actually measured it, but the turning circle aint that small!)


  5. hi tim!
    thanks for reply. i dont know how far from newy you actually are but if you are here often, i have marked out the full p's test in a large, vacant carpark in mayfield (old bhp). if you are keen and need directions or anything just pm me.

  6. Cat

    I call shenanigans. Your ZZR will turn in the required space, I promise you. And frankly you'd better learn how to make it!

    As for Daelim, I think they're a Korean company. I didn't know they sold bikes here. I rode one of their 125cc cruisers in Vietnam and it seemed fine. They also make a little naked 125 which is probably what they have at the testing station.
  7. i'd say you could absolutely definitely pass the test on a zzr250

    go to a carpark and ride in circles and figure-8s until you can peg scrape every time (it's fun too) :grin:
  8. it was a long time ago (1995), but I passed the u-turn test on my Suzuki Across. Unless they have changed the test, I can't see why the ZZR wouldn't make it. Just remember to look way over your shoulder when turning, right back to where you came from.

    Good luck.
  9. I know it seems daunting zzr_chick but you can pass there tests on almost any bike with the right amount of practice and if you can do it on your own bike it will make you a better rider maybe thats what we can do on saturday arvo go and practice turns on all the bikes lol
  10. If you can't pass the test on the ZZR 250 a different bike ain't going to help.

    Unless you use something like a Yamaha DT 175 or a Yam TW 200.

    My mate Lin can ride circles around the test cones, and the U turn bay. On her ZZR 250.

    I think you need to go out, buy a pack of tennis balls, cut them in half, use a tape measure and mark out the required distances, then practice, practice, practice, Lin did.
  11. It is doable on a faired bike, it is 20 times easier on a CB250 or other naked.
  12. cheers everyone for reply. yeah, i know its do-able, but i also know it is a shit load easier on a naked/dirt bike.

    thanks for your help
  13. It's more satisfying passing the MOST test on your own bike rather than hiring some bike thats "easier" to pass with