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Bike Swap Day?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pat65, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. I’m Interested in getting peoples thoughts on a bike swap day where we could have the opportunity of experiencing other peoples rides.
    I personally haven’t ridden many different bikes and I am presuming there are a lot of people here in the same situation.
    I know there will be issues with insurance etc, but if organized properly with strict rules and respect for each others possessions it could be a possibility?
    I don’t mean a full on hoon session, just a normal ride to experience the different handling, power and comfort characteristics of different bikes.
    I was thinking maybe to have a meeting place (swap point) with a not too technical loop laid out and swap after each loop.
    Restricted riders may only ride what they are legally allowed to.

    Do you think this is a possibility?
    Anyone else interested?
    Are there any other issues that should be considered first?
    Am I crazy?

  2. Quite possibly :LOL:
  3. The prob with a bike swap...is when it turns into a bike drop :p

  4. BIKE FONDELER!!!!!! :wink:

    its a great concept but sharing you ride is like sharing your ride, you have to have 100% trust that the brower wont run away with the prize.
  5. Sounds good I'll swap my honda ct90 for your....um...07 CBR1000RR! Wadaya say........

    Sound good in theory but insurance and as said "bike drop" can add a downer to the event.

  6. most people will do this with mates that they ride with often..... but generally only people they trust and know.....so the idea behind what you are proposing makes sense and happens but i for one would only let my good mates that i trust take my baby for a spin.....

    cheers stewy
  7. I too have swapped bikes with good friends - but even then it can get a little tense on a ride...wouldn't recommend it.
  8. Hey Banga, Mind if I bin ya bike [​IMG] hmmm I can see an issue or two with the idea.
    But if people are up to it. cool. i know i'd like the chance to get to try out some of the bikes on my potential shoping list if people are willing to give me a go.
  9. Ask MattyB what's the worst that can happen... Poor bastard.
  10. I remember that. Poor MattyB. That being said, I've let him ride my CB, and I've ridden his old CBR.
    Also, I'd have a real issue if I brought the 750 along for people to ride, and got told I was only allowed to try out 250's.
    If it's at a track/private pan etc, I don't see why that's so much of an issue.
    I'd still say no to going though, I barely even let my dad that has been riding for 30 years to ride my gixxer.
  11. I agree the insurance and bike drop could be a real problem but the idea was was well worth putting forward. Cheers Rod
  12. Tis a good idea :-k Obviously nobody's [-( gonna be interested in a swapping a 1200cc for a 110cc postie bike learner rider.
    I always say to people who's bike I want to ride who obviously want to try mine-

    Here's the key to my bike,here's the deal :deal:
    I get it back-when,and only when, you get your bike back in the same condition you gave it to me in,not before,not after.
    Oh and I only let people ride it who I know how they ride.
  13. Yeah this was a mistake I made only once. Lent my ride to a mate to try out, who promptly panicked, flipped it and it hit a tree.

    He seemed put out that my first instinct was to go running to my bike to see if it was ok. :shock: :LOL:

    Anyway as a result I would not ever lend my bike to anyone who I am not already intimately familiar with their riding ability, and on top of that, who I know have enough money to pay any difference between what the insurance pay out would be and what it takes to get it back to immaculate condition.
  14. MMMMMmmmmm let me think about this, someone else ridin my bike :shock: Nooooo Way :p and i wouldnt ask to ride anybody elses incase somethin happened :grin:

  15. speaking of the that...congats on the new bike mate!, and when do I get to take her up the spur?
  16. Only my closest friends would be riding my bike, and I certainly wouldn't let someone I don't even know on it. I also wouldn't expect someone else to lend me their bike, I don't want that kind of responsibility.

    My insurance precludes ALL other riders.
  17. Understand the intent behind the idea but not only does my insurance cover only moi but I couldn't stand seeing another rider on it. I'd be apoplectic with anxiety about how it was being ridden!
  18. That's what test rides are for :wink:

    Only people I know well and have confidence in (Bamm-Bamm excluded :LOL: ) can take my baby for a spin.
  19. you say the nicest things :grin:
  20. Awww lil, you know you can trust me :)

    Well trust me to be a smartarse :p

    I Promise I wouldn't take your bike out of second gear