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Bike suspension

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by wal, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Hello Everyone

    Im after someone who could improve my suspension on my 900 hornet

    any recommendations please?
    cheers wal

  2. What do you need improved mate, and how much do you want to spend?

    Fork oil change up front with heavier oil can make for a firmer and more "sporting" ride but it might take a bit away from comfort on bumpy roads. $15 for parts, about an hour's work.

    New fork springs can help the bike sit better for your weight and put the suspension in the optimal travel zone more of the time. $200 for parts, takes about as long as a fork oil change, or virtually no extra time if you do them together.

    New damping cartridge in the forks can give you much better control over the damping. Gets a bit more expensive than the other mods though.

    I think CBR600F4i forks might be a bolt on mod to the CB900, that would give you a sport-spec set of forks but would cost a lot and you'd need a wheel and to do brake mods too.

    Rebuild/regas of your "non-rebuildable" shock can freshen it up nicely. $400 or so.

    New shock spring would come in around $200 IIRC and again helps better set the bike up for your weight.

    Or you can get a new shock altogether for anywhere from $400-1000+ for something aftermarket and fully adjustable, which would give you the best results.

    I did fork oil, fork springs, a re-gas and rebuild and respring of the rear shock on my CB900 and it felt a lot firmer and more ready for real quick stuff - at least, my definition of real quick stuff. Of course, only a couple of months later I highsided the fcuk out of it and ruined it.

    If you get the bits I can help out with changing springs and oil in the forks, that's pretty quick to do. You'll have to call krooztune or promecha or some other suspension specialist to get the right bits to suit your weight etc.

    The shock is a bit out of my league and you'll likely have to pay somebody to get that worked on - but if you buy a new one aftermarket style I can fit it if it's a bolt on. Bit of a bugger of a job getting the shock out but good practice for me.
  3. There needs to be info on what you need.

    In what areas is your current setup deficient.

    Thanks for the comprehensive explenation about shocks,
    i learned a lot reading about it,

    im sorry u lost ur bike ,lucky u still in one piece.

    THE Reason why i want to improve my shocks is ,i had a bad eperience on the straight ,with the back wheel spinnig on me in the wet ,and sent the bike in a bronco,tank slapping behaviour
    i have no idea how i resumed control again

    i was not powering on at the time, wheels were one week old ,mitchy pilot road tyres front and back.

    unless i hit oil and did not notice ?because of the rain.

    Maybe im after maximum tyre connection on the road

    LOZ please text me ur phone # ,u are around the corner from me ,
    i can bring the bike and u can ride it and i will gain from ur experience
    and opinion.

    im still confused between dampening and shock obsorbtion difference

    my mobile is 0414 879 180

  5. Hello MVrog

    Thanks for ur reply,
    please read the reply to LOZ ,above explaining my needs and questioning my forks set up!

    Thanks wal
  6. Yeah c'mon round sometime and we'll have a chat about it. Can't do tonight.
  7. Hey Loz,

    I was on the ride with WAL on the weekend when he had his little moment...I didn't see it but from what I heard is sounded more like the poor surface with very little grip caused the rear to spin up and for the bike to get a bit of sideways action going on (you know the bit between Lavers Hill and port Campbell with the nice shiny slick bits)
    ....Slow Coach and I had the same thing happen too, being that the weather and the roads were atrocious I don't think his suspension is deficient.

    It may pay to set the sag and stuff like that but i don't think i would be changing bits and pieces just yet...it was WAL's first ride in the rain and it was done in the worst possible conditions too...I would maybe set the sag and see how you go and do a bit more rain riding, if the thing is spinning up everywhere and trying to spit you off at least you have some grounds to try out some improvements...at this stage it's just been a one off, a scary one but a one off all the same.

  8. HI Bamm-Bamm

    Thanks for your comments and analogy,of the situation .
    From your experience of the road ,it made a lot of sense
    what you said,appreciate you saving me money ,i would spent unnacserry, looking foreward for your hotham ride ,

    did you manage to set a date yet ?


    iWILL give you a ring mate and organize a time that suits you,
    it would be lovely to share our passion about bikes
    i saw the new honda cb1000r today ,ken reckon it has the sexiet back wheel!

    cheers wal
  9. HI Twistingo

    Thanks for the site.
    cheers wal
  10. if they aren't road 2 get rid of em... the old roads are shit tyres and they offer bugger all grip in the wet :)
  11. I hear they grip as well as Supercorsa's :p :grin:
  12. :rofl: :censored:
  13. NEXT set i will ,i just bought them ,im not going to throw $470.00 away

    Iwill take it easy in the wet

    By the way what is your experience of good best, gripping tyres in the wet?

    thanks mate wal
  14. i am a fan of the rosso's of late..... the road 2 were also good, but found i had moments where they would just let go then regrip (in the dry) in what i consider pushing along (most people slow speed).... don't seem to have this issue with the rossos though.... also liked the old powers, but you can't get them anymore and the new ones are super soft, loz raves about the bridgies 002 or something he had on the hornet aswell :)
  15. To be honest Wal tyres are such a subjective thing that it's kind of hard to get valuable input from other riders... it also depends on how you ride your bike...let's just say the Stewy doesn't hang around so his demands on tyres may be towards the higher end of what a person would expect from a tyre...but yet you may ride your bike differently and may never take your tyres to the extremes that Stewy does...

    I used to run Shinko 003's on my Blackbird...most people you talk to reckon they are shit...and while the life on them was pretty poor I never found them wanting for grip...

    The Michelin Pilot Road 2s were a great tyre, great grip and really good life for a tyre on a bike as heavy as a Blackbird considering how it used to get ridden.

    My Superduke had Pirelli Diablos on as standard, I thought they were a great tyre grip wise and they inspired confidence..but they were shagged in 4000k's...

    I currently use Pilot Powers and they are a great tyre for ME, great grip hot or cold, last pretty well all things considered and they are reasonable value too...I don't commute on the bike any more so I'm willing to scarifice tyre life for grip...If i was commuting I would still be on Road 2's.

    Use the tyres you have, when it's time for new ones try something else...thats really the only way you'll find the ones YOU like
  16. HI Stewy
    never heard of rosso ,i will make inquiries about cost ?
    And ask others opinions.
    Iwonder if there is a unbias study about tyres and road handeling
    especially in the wet! :)
    I currently use Pilot Powers and they are a great tyre for ME, great grip hot or cold, last pretty well all things considered and they are reasonable value too...I don't commute on the bike any more so I'm willing to scarifice tyre life for grip...If i was commuting I would still be on Road 2's.

    Keith i agree with you on the above matter

    im willing to sacrifie , LIFE to GRIP ,

    AS you know im brand new to bikes ,but i get a high from speed and im doing courses to improve my skills, this all exciting new stuff, put IT this way im always pushing myself to my limits,maybe i wont be as good or fast as STEWIE
    BUT im trying :wink:
  18. that sums up tyre choice between riders, everyone has different styles, and i believe all tyres have different profiles...so they suit different styles of rider....

    imo the best tyre i have ever had on was a shagged out Diablo Super Corsa, exrace tyre and by geez, it offered up more grip then i ever knew what to do with it....i would love to try a brand new set, if that what a shagged set is like.... biggest issue is when it gets wet (not damp) but wet/water steaming across the road they have limited grooves for clearing wet away, commuting in the wet i often had the rear spinning leaving traffic lights.... dry never had a issue and they built my confidence in just how hard you can push.... also taught me (twice) doesn't matter how sticky they are if they aren't warm they still offer bugger all grip :oops:

    Anyway like bamm bamm said it's a matter of finding a tyre that works for you :wink:
  19. Needless to say it is an individual matter as you said ,and i totally
    agree with you guys.

    But listening to all these different opinions ,is teaching me and giving me the choice and knowledge.

    Im grateful to the forum ,and all of you bike passionate people

    THANKS A LOT for your opinions and keep it coming.

    The more i learn ,the more i can form my individual opinion
    Gracia WAL