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Bike Suited for Short Heavy Guy :)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Insan3, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. I've done plenty of searching but can't really find the info I am after, because rider weight isn't mentioned too much.....

    I'm currently in QRide training, so I will go from Learner to Open licence in a matter of a few lessons, probably over the next 2-3 weeks.
    I'm hunting around at the moment for a suitable bike - I'm after something reliable, looks the part and is within my ability and finances. Also, I need something to suit my body - I'm 5'6 (170cm) and 110kg. Will be down to 90-95ish eventually, but still that is quite a lump :)

    Is a 250 likely to cut the mustard? I've got my eyes firmly on a 2007 Hyosung GT250R (I know they are a big talking point here!), mainly because of the price and warranty, as I am a newbie. I had been looking at CBR250RR's, but the price for the age is a factor, and not knowing the bike history.

    It will only be a weekend toy, no/little commuting - mainly something to put a smile on my face on a Sunday morning. Hence, I'm not after something with a top speed of XXX, or 0-100 in X.X.... I want something that will be nice to handle and get me from A to B, within Marked Speed Limits. If a 250 is too small, next choice is a 2007 Suzuki GS500F

    What would some of you recommend?? (GPX is a no already...)

    (Sorry about the length of the post - I'm a little overkeen!!)
  2. If you've done qride then don't restrict yourself to a 250!

    Considering that and your weight I would stay away from all 250's, especially 4 cylinders (eg CBR250) as they don't tend to have much low down torque which would be useful in your case.

    The GS500 is a good choice. I would also check out CB400's, they tend to be cheap up your way (approx. $4k), there are plenty of good examples around even at 10+ years old. Both of these would suit your weight and height.
  3. Agree... if you dont have to use a 250 at your weight you will want a bigger engine.

    Any of the midsize stuff eg GS500, CB400, ER6F is going to be a good option. Even some of the more sedate 750's might be ok.

    Given your height much over these will be difficult (say any of the 600 supersport type bikes), unless you're in the market for a cruiser.

    R6's dont make good learner bikes anyway, and it doesnt sound like that's really your bag anyway.

    While you can ride a bike so long as you can touch toes on the ground, you won't believe how much more often you will fall off if you cant put most or all of your feet flat on the ground.
  4. Something like an R6 would be what I would be aiming for as my second bike, but then I would still have the height issue....

    Most of the Suzuki's catch my eye (esp the GSXR's!!). Would prefer something with fairing, but some of the Sport Touring range look good - GSR600K7 looks tough (bit out of price range) which would probably also kerb my desire to pretend I'm Valentino out on the roads :)

    Plus my girlfriend might jump on the back if it doesn't look like a sportsbike :)

    Should I be concerned with buying a 2nd hand from a dealer, or should they be in good condition? I don't really know what to check for at this stage, hence why I was heading towards new bikes.
  5. Don't be silly, 170cm is perfect for a sportsbike. I'm 170cm too, I only have trouble on dirt bikes because of the high seat heights and can't put both feet on the ground.
  6. I'm about the same size and I do ok with a zzr250.

    Mind you, I mostly just commute with it rather than thrashing it up Mt Glorious.

    But if you're thinking you might pillion as well then definitely go something bigger - by the sound of it you like the under/over headlight look of the gsxr's and the gtr250 so you might as well have a look at the gs500f.

    I'd go that over the hyosung anyway - I hear lots of different stories about the korean bikes but most of what I hear about the gs500 is good.

    Forgot to add - do consider buying second hand and non-faired. There are lots of guides on this site about what to look for and you can pay a mechanic to check over the rest. The non-faired thing is in case you drop it - dropping a shiny new bike is an expensive proposition.
  7. Yay someone else from north queensland!

    Welcome to the fray, there are a few bikes similar to what you like on bikesales that are up in cairns:
    They could be worth a look for a first bike. Even though you did qride and have an unrestricted license, you will still probably drop it, so something second hand you won't mind dropping is a good idea :D. At your height you should have no problems riding sports bikes, dirt bikes you would pbly be toeing it i have trouble putting both feet down and im over 6'. Unless of course you have stumpy legs.

    Have fun and ride safe.
  8. Welcome to NR by the way. I'm new to it as well. I'm your height(168cms) and ride an RGV 250. You should consider maybe a suzuki sv650 naked. They look pretty tough, comfortable and would suit the odd pillion ride as well. I'll jump on the band wagon and say the gs500f is another option too. :)
  9. Yay, another Cairns person! :grin:

    I'm about the same as you on shape and size and I own GPX and it's not a bad little toy, I just can't adjust the rear springload which is a biatch, mind you it seems to haul my heavy arse around OK :LOL:

    I have just done my Q-ride course as well (should have done it 4 years ago, But you can't rush these things!!!)

    I'm looking at the Kwaka ER6n as my next upgrade, nice little toy and the couple of guys on the Forum here who own them seem to like them.
  10. Check out the Suzuki GSR600, great bike, easy to handle $12,900.00 New ride away.
  11. Insan3 - I'm 172cms mid 90kegs and I rode a ZZR250 for nearly 2 years with absolutely no problem whatsoever. After that I upgraded to a VFR800Fi with equally no problems.

    You'll be fine.
  12. Well after a bit of deciding, I felt it best to stick with what I know works - and feels comfortable. Picked up a new 2006 model Suzi GS500 - sitting at home now waiting for it to be delivered.

    In the end I realised it is a minor problem, but not as much as some people. A mate in my footy team has just got his licence, but can't find anything, due to being only about 150cms. He is on tip-toes on a Virago :)

    Thanks for your help everyone!
  13. hyosung gt650
    ticks all of the above and faster than the GS500
  14. I agree if u are looking for something that won't bust the bank with plenty more low down punch than a GS500...
    Or a Suzuki SV650???

    As a second bike if u are worried about weight look at a V Twin torque oozing from the sides...
  15. +2.

    You need a low down torquey bike to carry your weight off the line - especially if you just want to move within the limits of the law. You will find a V-Twin like the 650 will easily get you off the line while still being very smooth and easy to ride within daily traffic.

    Having said that I doubt you'd have much trouble with the GT250R either considering your needs. It should be more than adequate for moving around within the speed limit.