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Bike Suggestion Please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by raj_27, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. I am getting my license (if I pass all the tests) on 30th of this month. I will receive a full unrestricted license. I have nearly 7 years of experience riding small bikes and scooters (all under 150cc) and occasional big bikes like Enfield’s in India. After living here in Australia & driving car for about 8 and bit years, I am planning to get a motorbike.
    Budget: $5000 bike only, I can stretch my budget but don’t want to since it is my first bike in Australia and don’t know if riding is for me.
    I will be using the bike for commuting (32km 35min ride with filtering opportunity), weekend rides with pillion passenger (mostly freeways). I am 172cm tall and weigh 78 kg and my wife who will be my pillion passenger weighs 65Kg.
    So far I have had bit of search on the web and sat on few bikes, it feels like all the bikes other than the cruisers have no comfortable sitting position. All the necked and sports bike have at least some leaning on the hand and gear and break levers are directly below the bum. What I am used to is at least upright seating position and gear and break leavers bit further in front so that thighs are almost horizontal to ground. I would like to buy a bike which has at least this riding position. Can you please suggest me some bike for my needs.

  2. GS500F. Full size bike that has ample pillion space.
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    one of the dual sport bikes? KLR650 or something similar. F650GS, DR650
  4. That sounds like a bloody Harley
    Surely you can adjust to something like a vstrom
  5. could always get a big scooter. burgman 650
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    Have a play with the bikes and settings on cycle-ergo.com. It may help narrow down the list for you. I reckon a mid-sized cruiser or big scooter may fit the bill. BMWs are pretty upright, too, but the only one you'll get under $5k is probably the Scarver or something from the last century.
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  7. well yeah you could get a scooter...

    but that would be GAY and not to mention UN-AUSTRALIAN.

    get a dr650. can take wifey on back. but makes lots of noise so you can't hear her. win win.
    cheap and easy to maintain.
    low enough for you both.
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  8. LMAO
  9. Thanks for the suggestions guys, i have added to my test ride list

    Except the scooter, I have done my share of scooter riding in india. If i were in india or in asia that would have been a great practical choice.

    Thanks motown for the great link.
  10. road/trail bikes have that seating position, much more comfortable than a sport bike. by nature they are extremely versatile and rugged bikes.

    lots of different bikes to choose from aswell, different engine sizes, performance levels, weight etc.

    easy to ride and maneuver in tight spaces

    make sure it has 6 gears for road use

    comfortable top speed is no more than 140kph
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  11. I got my license on 30th. Now the search begins.

    I have started having second thought about buying bigish bikes (even though i have a unrestricted full licence). May be i should start small like gs500f and build some Australian riding experience. Indian riding conditions,bikes and risk levels are far too different compared to here. What do you guys think?
  12. I think you should buy a helmet
  13. Thanks mate
    That is my first step and i am planing to get my riding gear this weekend.
  14. Desmosedicci rr
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  15. BMW R850R, anything from1998 to 203(?), 'cos you get a better deal with the "small" engined BMW than its bigger brothers 1100 or 1150.

    Maybe find a Honda Deauville 700 in your price range and comfort range, too.
  16. Bimota tesi 3d
  17. Buy a bike that wouldn't scare the hell out of you in your first couple of years. Buy something that would help you build up your confidence and skills. I know fast bikes can really be fun and can give you a rush of adrenaline, but mind you sometimes they can scare you as well so much so that you wouldn't want to ride again.

    I'd advise look into the GS500F as already suggested. It's a good commuter bike with enough power to be suitable for 2-up riding. Moreover, it's a fairly simplistic bike, no gadgets, no gizmos, just a plain simple bike. And you can get one in very good condition in your budget. Good luck
  18. Another vote for the GS500, and also the DR650 if you can sit on it alright.

    Both will feel familiar if you've ridden an Enfield, especially the DR650 as its a nice, relatively low-revving thumper with a decent wallop of torque.

    The GS500 is a good bike, bone reliable and has enough power for two-up riding and keeping you interested in sport riding if going solo.

    Both get good fuel economy and can be had between $2500 and $5000 on the used market, depending on age and condition. Servicing costs for both are low, especially if you do it yourself. I maintained my very similar XR600R at home - all you need is a screwdriver, allen key set, few wrenches and a feeler gauge set; about $40 worth of tools for everything from oil to valves.

    Cheers - boingk
  19. BMW F650cs

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