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Bike Suggestion For Someone Going To A Full Licence

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cafepk, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Hi guys

    I'm quite a novice rider who has gone through his Ls and Ps on a Honda CBR125 which is basically the only thing that I've riden before. A little more about myself I'm not a big guy only 170cm and 70kg.

    In a few months I'll be off my Ps and straight onto my full licence since I'm already 28 and definitely want to upgrade as the power on the 125 as anyone knows who has ridden one is just rubbish.

    I only like supersport bikes so I'm considering either a Ninja 300 or a step up to the 600cc class such as an R6, CBR600 etc.

    I would like a 600cc but I'm afraid I can't handle it but then with the 300 I'm worried that I might get sick of it after a while.

    I'll basically only be using the bike to commute and look cool coz I'm more of a car person when it comes to twisties.

    Any suggestions are welcome - Ninja 300 or R6 et al?
  2. Nothing wrong with the rides you're considering - just don't get tempted by a Hyo - pure unmitigated sh1te of a bike.
    If you're not into the twisties and only will mainly be commuting you cant go wrong with either a Versys or a V-Strom.
  3. Cbr zxr Vfr rvf 400 ...nuff said ...grey imports maybe a headache for parts or knowing what condition the bike is in with so many having odometers wound back etc but they are fcuking fun and were imported for a reason...not because Phil down at the docks had nothing better to do that day but because they are generally fcuking great examples of the smaller capacity bikes compared to the shit we generally get lumped with
  4. If you are in Vic, you can do the HART Intermediate course on their 600 and see how you go. Can also do the Advanced 1 but I think you need a full license to ride a 600 for that one.
  5. A SuperSport isn't designed as a commuter bike.
    Don't worry about 'looking cool' as no one sees you in traffic anyway.
    Have a serious look at bikes designed for that kind of riding you want to do.
    Like a Postie Bike
  6. You could go the cruiser route. Yamaha V-Star650. It is in the 600 range, easy to ride, very comfortable commuter, economical, and even LAMS approved. Not sporty but has all the go you need and then some, it can do freeway speeds with ease
  7. If you don't have to buy a LAMs bike then I wouldn't bother with a 300, as there is quite a price premium on anything learner legal. Of course that doesn't mean you have to buy a 600cc supersports, which is probably the worst choice for a commuter (uncomfortable, expensive to run, attracts cops and bike thieves like flies).

    I'd be looking at mid-sized bikes more suited to road use (rather than track use) like the GSX650F, Ninja 650, SV650, Z750, Street Triple, FZ6R, etc. Stepping up from a 125 shouldn't be a problem, as long as you don't go too nuts with the throttle too early.
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  8. DOES. NOT. COMPUTE...:confused:
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  9. I think the main question you need to answer for yourself (and us, if we are to help) is what makes a bike good for commuting?

    For me it is low fuel consumption, high reliability, small and light, at least some storage.

    But that's my list, what is yours?

    EDIT to add: doesn't overheat in congested traffic!
  10. Any supersports will be overheating in traffic. My hornet has the same engine but runs a consistent 20 degrees cooler. Get a naked, like a striple, hornet, sv650 for commuting.
  11. Ducati Monster ... any size will do. Awesome commuter. Narrow and gutsy for those filtering moments. Also has enough cafe cred without making the rider look like a wannabe squid toolbag. Upgrade the cans to Termis and make sure they fit the chip and air filter. :)
  12. Mate, I jumped off a 250 onto a thou and back again for a few test rides. I was apprehensive at first but then settled down. As long as you are respectful of the bike you will be fine. 400 will be very little difference to a 250, just slightly faster. I'd go the 600 if it were my choice. Or an older sportsbike. zx9, cbr929, sv1000 etc.
  13. Air-cooled models may have a tendency to overheat in traffic/commuting
  14. Only if you stop ;)
  15. Touche, Sir.
  16. Thanks for the feedback guys it's much appreciated.

    Basically I'm pretty much set on getting a super sport coz I'm a poser but having said that I'm quite a safe rider and don't filter or do anything stupid.

    So the real question is whether I'd be able to handle a 600 supersport after having ridden only a 125.

    Thanks in advance.
  17. This is what we have become people.
    This is the future.

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