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Bike stopped wont run

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by waedwe, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Was out for a ride with the wife today, nearly home i noticed the bike was spluttering, was near to the amount of km's that i need to go to reserve, so i switch over, and the bike died, will start breifly and run for 10 seconds or less on about 1000rpm then just conk out again.
    I got fuel and put about 6 litres in the tank, switched back to run from reserve, same result, pushing it home i tried bump starting it downhill, same result.
    Most worryingly the oil level wasn't low but getting near when i may consider a top up, but now the sight glass is showing it dark black and the level as fairly well over what should be there suddenly.

    I'm letting it sit for a while till a storm passes before i try any more attempts to get it running, anyone have any ideas of possible problems, is it just junk from the reserve blocking lines or something more sinister?
  2. Does it have carbs? sounds like some crud got sucked through when you switched to reserve and they are stuck open and letting fuel leak into the sump dealy. My old bike used to do it occasionally. I had to clean the carbs out and then drain the oil, also might need to change spark plugs...
  3. crud in the carbs or the fuel tap leading onto the carbs.
  4. Thats what i have been thinking, if the weathers good tomorrow, looks like it's off with the tank and in at the carbs.
    Thanks for the replies
  5. The unstoppable ZZR?? noooooooo

    DOES sound like bad fuel, if it's got it in the tank but can't drag it through it may have gunked up the fuel tap
  6. drop the oil out. you should notice the oil reeks of petrol.

    if so then yes clean carbs, and check the fuel tap change oil. sparks may be gunked up a bit but may clean out after proper running.

    the reason it conks out is because the fuel is boiling out of the oil and returning to the airbox (PCV) thus making your mixture ULTRA rich. this is my understanding anyway. if its wrong tell me.
  7. Waiting to try the oil change carby clean, not having a garage sucks, watching the bike in the rain all day unable to do anything
  8. May be contributing, but the primary problem is one (at least) of the float needles is not seating and thus allowing too much fuel into the carbies.

    Weadwe, you probable also have crap in the tap itself. You need a leaky tap and a leaky float needle/seat to get fuel in the sump.
  9. Can you see fuel in the fuel filter? Does it have much junk in it?

  10. it had already been mentioned that the reason for the fuel in the oil was the float needles. i was just adding why that then causes it not to run.

    also the tap need not have crap in it. if you accidentally leave it on prime (spoken from experience) that has the same effect.

    this is from the gsx750f had a vacuum fuel tap that had prime on and res. even older bikes have off, on res and in that case the tap is not going to stop the fuel from flowing normally.

    note that the last time this happened to me it was actually the float that had a hole (small crack) in it so the bike was running crap already.
  11. Agree with all of the above although! when you checked the oil you said it was high. Was this while the engine was still warm? if it was the oil has expanded and makes it seem fuller then it actually is. I wouldn't worry about dropping the oil out just yet unless, when the engine is cold and depending on the viscosity of your oil, when you lean the bike upright to check the sight-glass fills up far too quickly. sounds like shit in your carbs/fuel tap.
  12. I did change out the oil, and it had a fuel smell to it, with no garage and the weather lately i havent been able to get at it on my days off so said screw it, the professionals can take care of it and on friday it will get fixed and tuned, hopefully it is just as described above and nothing major
  13. I have the same philosophy about mowing lawns; let someone else get hot and sweaty :LOL:

    Hope it turns out to be minor, mate....
  14. I hope so too, and i think the kids are old enough to mow the lawn now here too :LOL:
  15. ok bike fixed, dodgey fuel was the culprit, the mechanic asked me where i last fuelled up then showed me the fuel from the tank, was at least a litre of water in the bottom of the tank.
    He reckons that it probably was from the rain getting in a servos tank then into mine
  16. so WHERE was the servo? I fuel both the bike AND the car up there on a fairly regular basis....
  17. To the best of my memory, the last servo i used was the servo/video shop in robertson on a ride. I usually use the mobil in mittagong and had no problems till that time i switched
  18. Actually the line of thinking now has changed the culprit, a few other people have had cars in to the mechanics with the same problem, and they only have filled up at my usual servo the mobil in mittagong opposite chelseas bakery.
    soit seems more probable i got it there and it has slowly built up settling under the fuel in the reserve tank, and when i went to reserve, whack water in the carbies
  19. make sure it doesn't rust.
  20. Mobil it is, told a guy at work about it, he said bugger i filled the work car there friday, this afternoon it ran low on fuel , and bingo it stopped