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Bike Stolen

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grimjaur, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Nothing important bout this post, just me letting of a little bit of steam here. Yesterday morning i was going to ride to work, but because of the extremely bad weather i decided not to. I decided to just park it at maddington train station, perth people will know what a dodgy place this is. I got on the train thinking it should be safe, everyone gave me crap at work all day saying it was going to get stolen. We all had a bad feeling so my mate even went and checked on it during the day but didnt know where it was parked so couldnt find it. Hope back on the train and went back to maddington. The lady that was parked next to it was walking next to me and she must have seen the devastated look on my face when we got there and just said " that was your bike there this morning wasnt it, im so sorry." The thing that really shits me was that it was done in broad daylight, and today, i have my practical riding test, which i see no chance of passing now bcause i will have to use a totally unfamiliar bike. And the one that REALLY REALLY shits me is it wasnt even 2 weeks old yet, 10 days to be exact, and now i have to wait i minumum of 14 days to find out what happens with inscurance. Am i ever glad i got full comp for it instead of 3rd party, considering i havent even made the first payment yet!!!!!

  2. Bugger mate !!!

    Sorry to hear about this.

    Can you give some details as to the type and colour of the bike ?? Chances are slim, but it is possible that some one might see it arround.

    Me thinks a disc lock may be on the christmas list !! (for me that is)
  3. ten days old and stolen :shock: bloody hell. at least you have insurance but you'll probably lose a fair bit of cash out of the experience. :?

    i'm pretty sure that's gods way of saying avoid public transport at all costs. :wink:
    trains are bad mmmmkay
  4. Oh that's crap mate, here's to the thief hitting a oil patch on the bike and sliding under a bus. Hurting himself badly.
  5. sorry to hear that.

    a description of the bike would be good, i tend to glaze over every bike i see. I also tend to avoid leaving the bike in open spaces but at times it can not be avoided.

    Good on you for having full cover
  6. So sorry to hear that,
    its just plain fcuked up.

    Maddington is a horrible area full of undesirables, no offence intended, but I can't believe you actually took the risk of leaving it there.

    Once you have posted make, model, etc. I will keep an eye out for it.
  7. anally violate and then burn the mutha-fcukers !
  8. I hope they didnt just chuck it on a ute, they started it and rode off. If they rode off on it hopefully they are in a great amount of pain right now, i completely realesed the back brake for my test today so i wouldnt lock up the back. Oh well. i knew it was a high risk area to leave it, but because the weather was so bad i dont have enough experience so i thought just jumping on a train was the safer way. Least it wasnt my life.

    But that was my life :mad:
  9. Ill post all the details bout the bike tonight.
  10. bugger! hitting things makes you feel better preferably the person who stole your bike
  11. Surely you would know the details? Good move on having full comp as well. Your insurance company is gonna hate you :p

    Be firm though, they might think it is a scam....
  12. bugger, this happened to my dad when he first started riding. back in 1970-something. he even had the common sense to get full insurance, but wen it was out through claims, the insurance company went bust and he got no money from it. i get nice lectures about picking good insurance companies and not leaving my bike in bad places now.
  13. What pisses me off about this sort of thing is that it must be someone with something to do with bikes.
  14. Then the thief will sue the owner of the bike for not giving warning on the dangers of riding. :?
  15. everyone, you have put a scratch on ur bike so its distinctive.

    i always mark my stuff. its the only way you can be sure if ur vcr turns up at cash converters and such.

    sorry bout ur bike, that must hurt. i was insanely worried bout my bikes, esspecially when they were new.
  16. Its enough to make you sick...

    When i first started riding it was only a 250 kwaka cruiser,, but I was really stupid and decided not to insure it( mainly due to the bullshit the insurance companies tried to charge me for insurance lol! )

    then 2 of my mates bikes got stolen with 2 months -- and it put the fear right into me! Locks went on, chains went on, and i did everything i could!!!

    But at the end of the day good crooks will get what the want,, its a shame they dont more often get what they DESERVE,, like a one Wood straight to the ball bags!

    hope you get your baby back man,, or at least a nice payout!
  17. It was supposedly seen n armadale the night it was stolen. Well not to sure but the guy who seen it said it was spanking new and the guy who was on it was way to big for a little bike like that. I dont see the point of leaving all the details of the bike on here, really what would one do if they did see it?? most prolly just keep moving or end up getting themselves in the crap. The thing that really annoys me is i have to wait 14 days to see if the cops find it before inscurance starts moving :evil:
  18. personaly if i saw it id report it to the cops, may help then track down the movements of the dude that stole it or even get to the bike should it be seen parked or similar.

    As the law stands, i've seen a few big boys on tiny bikes (250cc).

    then again, its a personal preference if you want to post the details or not.

    hope all gets resolved for you asap

    just to add, does not suprise me that it was seen in armadale :)
  19. Post the details - anyone who sees it can at least let the cops know about it and it just might help with the recovery.

    (Actually I'd call the cops immediately and also follow the bastard at a safe distance as well to see where he went with it).

    That hurts though - BTDT and there's not much worse than coming out and seeing an empty space where your bike was.
  20. But do you really want your new bike back if it have been trashed, maybe dropped and just not taken care of. Hopefully the insurance will be enough to get a new one even after the excess, or how much do you think you'll be out?

    Still Grimjaur that really does suck.