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Bike stolen

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Smitty, May 11, 2006.

  1. guy I know had his bike stolen last weekend.....

    it is a 2003 gsxr600 suzuki
    blue and white
    it has a suzuki girl sticker on the front guard
    rego CF691
    vic rego

    anyone spots it...crimestoppers or ya local plod

  2. Sorry to hear bloke but can ya give us a few more details.

    did it have any distinguishing marks apart from sticker.(easy peeled off)
  3. Bad news! Try up load some pics or give any more details, anything distinctive about the bike. Will keep an eye out...
  4. If he HAD IT STOLEN just ring the guys that he got to steal it to give it back.

    A mate of mine ,rang his insurance company and said ,"i have had my bike stolen" ,they after a long battle paid him ,they said he admitted to having his bike stolen ,from the first 5 seconds of the insurance claim.

    Be wise with you words ,and insurance claims.
  5. ^^^ Man thats dodgey! I've heard insurance companies will do anything to get out of a claim but thats just plain nasty.

    Back to the topic at hand, I would also get your mate to check out the local wreckers and see if people have been trying to palm off good condition parts for his bike.

    Photos too!
  6. geezuz..... its not an english lesson its a serious post.
    if you like, here we go again

    a gentlemen of my acquaintance who was (NOTE THE PAST TENSE) a motorcycle rider did have a motorcycle which he owned removed from his effective possession without his permission or acknowledgment. The said motorcycle vehicle was of the brand Suzuki and the model description of this motorcycle as sold by Suzuki Australia licenced dealers is 'GSXR-600' manufactured and first registered in 2003. The owner of this said motorcycle had at the time of purchase chosen the colour option of 'blue and white' that was available for this motorcycle. The motorcycle that was removed from my acquaintance's possession without his permission was registered when purchased by my acquaintance in the state of Victoria in his name and the registering authority did give it a registered number of CF-691 as displayed on a motorcycle number plate isssued by the registering authority, Vicroads. The said motorcycle was removed from my acquaintance's property, by a person or persons unknown who did have not authority to do so, last Sunday.


  7. Yeah I thought he was being a toss too.... but I actually took the time to read his full post before replying and potentially making myself look like a toss.... and as it turns out, I would've.... He was kindly pointing out to "be careful" with the way you speak with the insurance companies.

    So perhaps read the full post before having a crack.

    Hope he finds his bike.
  8. Smitty,

    that's a very generic machine. What area of the State does your friend live in?
  9. Smitty i wasn't having a go .
    It's was just something ,that happened to mate and leting people know ,be carefull when speaking to insurance companys they take note off every thing you say.
    We all know bikes get stolen everyday of the week ,and insurance companys will use any thing to get out of a claim ,it was a tip and i was trying to be helpfull.

    Like everyone else i hope there caught and burned at the stake and they get the bike back.

  10. for Stuffs Sake
    by the time he TELLS US what area in VICTORIA it was taken from
    it could well be Anywhere :shock: