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Bike Stolen Yarraville

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BlueRex, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Just a heads up for people in the West my blue 96 zx6r was stolen last night from the front of my House so make sure your bikes are locked up.

    Just in case anyone does see it, it is blue with a rego plate "REXY"


  2. That sucks!

    May the thieves be caught and waterboarded in urine.
  3. gosh!!
    thats terrible !
    wasn't the bike on steering/handlebar locks ?
  4. Fawkin assholes!!!

    Sorry to hear mate
  5. yes
  6. Well a strange thing just happened. I am waiting at the train station and as i look over my left shoulder i see this bike and think "shit that looks like my bike"

    and it was, they have jimmied the lock and the ignition was still on but it seems to be ok.
  7. Great news - good to hear you've found your bike and I hope there's not much wrong with it :) Little chance of catching the buggers I guess but you've got the bike at least!
  8. thats good news !!
    in India, if they steal a bike/car, they drive it straight to the wreckers, dismantle and sell every part within minutes, and use the engine on fishing boats and steamers in Bangladesh. :|

    I was with an impression all this while, that no1 would be intrstd on stealing an old '96 kawa, but, after reading this, am thinking of putting an anti-theft alarm or something on my bike :|
  9. Sorry to hear man, thats really scummy. I had always thought Yarraville was relatively safe, might have to bust out the disc lock! Not that anyone in their right mind would steal a CX500!

    Good to hear you got it back, hope you're insured & not out of pocket.
  10. Struth. I'm lucky I keep all my bikes in such decrepit looking states. Glad you found it dude, hope it's not too pricey a fix.
  11. Well it doesn't seem to bad so far have got a price of 230 for a new barrel and two keys. So it is looking good
  12. Gonna replace the seat lock and fuel cap too? You might get a deal on all 3 from a wrecker...
  13. I reckon it's the same assholes that stole my bro's bike from his driveway in Yarraville a few months ago. They jimmyed the lock and left it round the corner.

    Very similar story mate. :evil:
  14. That's the pits! But at least you got it back.

    May they contract dysentry when wearing a wetsuit for the rest of their miserable lives.
  15. Might be time to move... my place in yarraville was robbed yesterday.

  16. Was part of the reason we left Fitzroy.