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Bike Stolen: Keep an eye out and warning of how it was done

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by matt232, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    One of my mates has his bike stolen last night. It was parked at Werribee Plaza just near the front of Kmart.

    Apparently someone punctured the side wall of his tyre while parked there. He attempted to use the tyre foam to get home but the hole (looks like it was a screw driver that did it) was too big and the foam came out.

    So he locked his bike to a pole and left it overnight so he could wheel it down the to bike shop down the road to fix it. When he returned the bike was gone, along with the chain and the pole.

    So it looks like it was a planned operation. Everyone please be aware of this if you find you're in the same situation be careful. There are bike transport services that will get your baby home if you need to.

    The truly bad part of all this is the bike was not insured so can anyone who might have seen anything or notices the below bike being sold please let me know so I can pass it onto my mate it will be great appreciated.

    2002 Suzuki GSX-R1000 Blue/Black (pics and VIN to follow)
    with Yoshi RS3 pipe.
    License Plate: BL 448

    If anyone can give me any tips on other things I could do to possibly track this down (stolen vehicle registries, places to look, etc, etc), I'm all ears.
  2. Re: Bike Stolen: Keep an eye out and warning of how it was d

    Sure sounds like a planned event :( Bastards everywhere. In teh end, nothign we do will stop them. I'd be surprised if Werribee Plaza and/or Kmart don't have any camera's in that region? Have you called their security and asked?
  3. There are no cameras that cover that area.
    Shame it was a Thursday, I only live 3 mins from the Plaza.

    Any day other than THur-Fri, He could have rung me for help :(
  4. Bugger....

    But c'mon, why have a bike like that, or any bike at all, and NOT insure it?
  5. By uninsured, do you mean that there was no theft coverageor no insurance at all? So the Police are aware of the theft and keeping an eye out for it? He shoufl have had the bike insured, but who wouldn't if they knew it would be stolen. Thats the thing with hindsight, its always 20/20 vision.
  6. Likewise, I'm only 10min away.

    I've seen that bike there before - parked outside the entrance near the KFC/HJ's slap bang in the middle of the walkway. Never saw a disc lock or the like on it either (it may have had other security measures - my bike knowledge is sketchy at best). Certainly was an invitation to try and pinch it, which is unfortunate.

    Having said all that, I hope they catch the bastards who did it. I saw a similar bike last night around 8pm entering the freeway next to Ballan Holden with a squid on the back of it. Don't know if it was that specific one or not.
  7. If they had the patience, the resourcefulness and the resources (cutting equipment, transport, etc) to take it, then you can safely say that they have the means to move it on. No one would be that organised to take it, then to be caught with it in their driveway.
  8. Scum sucking assholes some vermon are :evil:
  9. will keep u informed,if i c the bike getin round,tell ur mate to chec the tradin post if anythin is been sold for parts
  10. Re: Bike Stolen: Keep an eye out and warning of how it was d

    Covered that already, they used to have cameras but they took them down during/for renovations and never put them back.
  11. Not entirey sure I assume he has to have third party.

    Thanks to family members writing off his cars, my mate doesn't have the best insurance rating in the world. He told me that if he had been paying insurance on the bike the last few years then he would have spent about the same as what it will take to buy the same bike back.
  12. I said the same but by not much that can be done now.
  13. Probably not the one since it was pinched sometime around/after 10pm I believe.
  14. Vic, myself and several others live in the area - thieves typically operate in a local area too. If there is any distinguishing marks on the bike, we can look out for them (I know, its probably parts by now, but still - some thieves are just dumb).
  15. At least they had the sense to take the best bike in its class. :LOL:

    Seriously though that would kill me it it happened to me, even though I'm insured. It would still be MY bike that the bastarbs got.

    Matt, why don't you lend him your Blade for a while to cheer him up? :LOL:
    I know its not a Suzuki, but it still might give him a bit of a smile.. :p
  16. for flat tyres, that cant be fixed on the stop, this is the reason I got RACV care for my bike, have had to use it on a few occasions with flat tyres.. if it late at night i get it towed home, or call the bike shop and then take it there if in day time
  17. Hi all. I'm the mate minus the GSXR.
    I think the guys who stole it were fairly organized...
    If anyone has any idea (or knows someone who does) how they are likely to try and offload the bike/parts i would be most interested.

    Yea insurance is probably smart move...
  18. thats sucks dude, hope the cops can find it for ya and then rip those thieving bastards a new asshole :x
  19. So he's been saving all this money in a separate bank account for just such an event! I'm guessing not! So the logic is?