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NSW Bike stolen 2007, got caught today

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by goz, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. This goes in the dumb criminals file, Congrats to the police, job well done

    Man arrested after stolen motorbike crashes - Cranebrook

    Sunday, 15 January 2012 02:37:28 AM
    A motorcyclist has been arrested after allegedly crashing a stolen motorbike in Sydney’s west.

    About 8pm yesterday (Saturday 14 January 2012), police were conducting unrelated duties on Laycock Street, when they noticed a motorcycle allegedly driving along the footpath.

    Shortly after, the motorcycle crashed, and its rider fled on foot.

    Police chased the 35-year-old male rider and arrested him nearby.

    Checks revealed the motorbike was stolen from Mt Druitt in 2007 and the rider was unlicensed.

    The man was taken to Nepean Hospital with arm and leg injuries sustained in the crash, but was released into police custody a short time later.

    He was taken to St Marys Police Station where he was charged with having goods in personal custody suspected of being stolen, using an unregistered vehicle, using an uninsured vehicle, driving without a licence, and not wearing a helmet.

    The 35-year-old Cranebrook man will appear before Penrith Local Court on Monday 6 February 2012.
  2. but the report annoys me claiming that hes a rider and a motorcyclist
  3. He was riding and on a motorcycle, I think their wording is fine. The media doesn't understand the difference between sex and gender, you cannot reasonably expect them to come up with a non-ridiculous term to describe someone on a motorcycle besides rider or motorcyclist.

    Anyway, we don't know that he has never held a license or doesn't have one somewhere, only that he currently doesn't have one recognized by the state.
  4. grue, it would look better this way

    A criminal has been arrested after allegedly crashing a stolen motorbike in Sydney’s west.

    Shortly after, the motorcycle crashed, and its bike thief fled on foot.

    Police chased the 35-year-old male criminal and arrested him nearby.


  5. Not a criminal until convicted Goz, presumption of innocence etc. However I agree that the wording just grinds in anti motorcycling bias in the great unwashed.
  6. meh, people that drive cars are called drivers...
  7. They are inconsistent


    Man arrested after stolen car pursued in Burwood
    3 JAN 12 @ 02:25PM
    POLICE have arrested a man after the high speed chase of a stolen vehicle in Burwood.

    About 12.15am this morning, police pursued two vehicles in Burwood after one was confirmed stolen.

    The vehicles were travelling at speeds of 80km/h in 50km zones and disobeying traffic signs.

    The pursuit was terminated before recommencing a short time later. The vehicles were reaching speeds of 120km/h in 60km/h zones. The pursuit was again terminated.

    The driver of one of the vehicles was arrested a short time later. He has not yet been charged.

    Man, not driver in heading but driver below. This was the first one i could find
  8. Wording scmurding, at least the bastard got caught and also copped an injury for the trouble =D>
  9. Can we have at least ONE post on Netrider without someone playing the 'poor me - victim motorcycle rider' card? :roll:

    The perpetrator knew how to ride, and WAS riding.

    Of more interest is;

    Does the original owner get his bike back?

    If it was insured, and paid out, what happens now it has amazingly re-appeared?

    Who pays for the damages to the bike?

    Who pays for the dumb criminal's medical expenses?

    And, did he nod at the coppers before he crashed :LOL:???
  10. Once paid out the insurance company owns it. It will be put on the wovr and auctioned.

    Btw he isnt really a rider because he crashed simply because the cops turned on their lights. What a gumby.
  11. How about "operator"
  12. Aha, explained....

    And presumably then if it WASN'T insured the original owner might get it back, crash damage and all??
  13. The "alleged scumbag fuckwit" had 5 years to learn to ride and still got caught after crashing off the footpath?
  14. you're assuming that the dumbo in question had it for the entire time it was missing; maybe he stole it from the original thief, or maybe the original thief loaned it to him for riding on footpaths :LOL:
  15. I hope it hurt. A lot. I hope it keeps on hurting for a looong time.
  16. Hmm, riding without helmet on footpath, unlicensed, unregistered. If he wasn't a 35 year old idiot, I would reasonably expect it to be one of those chinese pocket bikes. But considering he's an idiot in St Mary's that sort of counters the fact that he's 35 and makes it just as likely once more.

    Or it was a dirt bike.