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Bike started>stalled: then it was totally dead (no electr

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Cheeba, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Hi all, well it seems as if I have a question a day at the moment! Hopefully one day I will have answers for people ha ha. I was after a possible direction to diagnose a problem - I started my bike this morning, fired perfectly and it sat idling briefly. While I pulled my helmet and gloves on it stalled so I thought it may need some choke. Went to start it again and it was dead - no electrics, no neutral light or anything. I am hoping it is something simple like a fuse.


  2. fuses are a good start. Also have a look at the battery terminal. If all electrics are gone, chances are it's the battery itself, the terminals or the master kill switch.
  3. Hey, does any of your electrics work or none? I had the same problem a few months ago, was a bad contact of cable from my ignition. Check that and wiggle the wires around a bit. If that not it it might also be the rectifier but done quote me on this mate. Try searching along the wires first :)
  4. I had a similar problem last week - replaced the battery and it was OK.

    Of course then I had the clutch cable break at the clutch end when I was marshalling during the Scooter Rally on Sunday. :roll:
  5. Thanks for the replies :)

    I'll try the various connections. It had a new battery a couple of months ago so it shouldn't be that (fingers crossed!) I was hoping these would be the type of answers and not a teeth suck, shake of the head and a "Definitely sounds like the flux capacitor discumbobulator unit is fried; big job"

  6. Of course telling us what sort of bike it is might also help you to get more accurate responses... :p
  7. ha ha - well, yes - this is indeed true TonyE ;)

    It is a Sachs 650 Roadster. I jinxed myself last night by thinking "Shit, she is running well at the moment" after coming back from a nice long ride!
  8. OK - I have checked all fuses and connections and everything seems fine but still no electrics at all. I'm just about to try the battery out of my GFs bike but wanted to know if I can try and jump-start from a car? or should I just do it from mg GFs bike. Mind you I suppose this will only help if her battery works.

    edit - OK, with her battery all electrics are on but not enough power to fire my bike up (different charge batteries?)
  9. Sounds like the battery? Try charging it up overnight.
  10. I reckon the battery's rooted mate. New one's probably on the cards.

    Sometimes they just shit themselves - other times there's a systemic problem at fault, like overcharging etc. Fingers crossed it's just the battery.
  11. GAHHHHHHHHH!!! #$#@@!!!!

    OK, I'm back ;)

    One last try before I get a mechanic out!

    Last night I jumpstarted it with a car battery and it fired first time - disconnected the battery and it ran fine. Tried turning engine off and restarting and nothing so I though I would grab a new battery today. Have just done that - the guys at the shop put a voltmeter on the old one and it was a touch over 4 - great think I, it was the battery. I have just fitted the new battery and nothing. Still no electrics. Any ideas from you good Netrider folk?

  12. Hey mate, not too sure but it really might be your regulator rectifier, if that is stuffed your battery wont be charged when your bike is running. Have you got a voltmeter at home? You could check what it is reading when its running and what it is reading after you turned it off... cheers, Stef
  13. Thanks Stef - I don't have a voltmeter but the *bleeping* thing won't even jumpstart now with the old, or the new battery so couldn't get it running anyway :(

    I have taken apart the main kill switch just now and still no apparent loose leads so to the fixit shop it goes; and back onto my old Spada I go for a while!
  14. Hmm... starter relay? Starter motor itself?
  15. It's looking that way Loz - whatever it is, it's beyond my rudimentary fumblings and extremely accomplished swearings ;)
  16. did u jump start the bike with the car running? from what ive gathered you should never jump start a bike with the car running. doing so will fry the bike's electrical system. if you got two batteries, you can jump start from the second battery

    initially it may have just been the battery itself but now it may be a bigger problem.

    some new batteries require charging. if your new battery required you to add the acid, you need to let the battery sit for awhile before use.
  17. No, no I didn't - googled what to do before doing it as I was unsure whether even a car not running would fry it.

    Well, it was a fairly simple fix by the wonder boys - they just stripped, cleaned the solanoid down and reassembled it; checked all other electrics - gave me a few spare fuses as an extra and it's running perfectly again :D

    Very happy and all for ninety bucks which for a mechanics illiterate like me is well worth it.